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Hump-Day Blues

Okay, I'm not really blue. It's just super, super gloomy outside. The sky hasn't yet figured out that the rain's stopped.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I'm going to try to write a few words here everyday. Who knows what it'll be? Whatever's in my head; so prepare for a mix of writing and this writer's life.

On the writing front, I'm still working on two books. One is going supernaturally well (spoiler alert: it's not a paranormal. It's just going far better than expected). The other is hating me, and though I fully outlined/plotted it, I'm thinking I have to rip the sucker apart and start over. Which sucks because I'm a quarter of the way through it. Since it's novel length, that's a lot of words. All the best writers will tell me to soldier on and just let it be a trainwreck and fix it later. Unfortunately, I feel like I'm building the story on unstable ground.

But back to better things. The other story... I'm writing a book that takes place in Texas on a ranch. With all the research writing the Daly book, I feel right in my zone. This one is definitely not a menage. It's a second chance at love, reunion story. One of my favorites.

Okay, back to the writing cave to get closer to finishing at least one of these stories.

Have an awesome day!

~~ Brynn



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