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March Writing Recap

I can't believe it's the end of March already! But who's ready for spring weather? I know I sure am. I'm ready for April showers and all the May flowers. One of my favorite things in the world is looking around and seeing the world come back to life, watching the new leaves burst out on the trees and the ground green up. It's a beautiful time!

Looking ahead before we look back, in this coming month, I have several fun guests scheduled on Wednesdays. This coming week, Simone Anderson will join me. The rest of the week:

Monday: A new Monday Minute Fiction story. Always a quick read, always a romance, always a free Monday morning pick me up to make Monday morning seem not so bad. many times can I say Monday in one sentence, LOL?

Tuesday: This will be my weekly writing tip post. I'll be writing about the Hero's Journey.

Thursday: Book announcement!!

Friday: This will be my weekly marketing discussion with a viable tip about getting the word out about your book or business.

So what did I do this month?

One thing, I'm pretty proud of is that I kept my blog commitment. I've posted M-F all month. I've also been journaling five days a week. I continued to use Scrivener for planning and writing my first draft of my books. My website is up to date, and I've got a trailer for one of my upcoming books. It's posted on my Coming Soon page.

Specific book updates:

1. I finished the novella I'm subbing to Kindle Worlds. It turned out a bit longer than planned and right now is edging into short novel territory. Right now, I've compiled it from Scrivener into Word, formatted it and am now working through my final draft before I send it to my editor. The book should be ready for submission next week. Yay!

2. I stalled on my billionaire book project this month and I'm not that much farther than I was at my mid-month update. I'm at about 50% complete on the first draft.

3. Daly Way book. As soon as I complete the final draft edits for the novella (see #1), this will be my primary project. The book is titled Mad About Cowboys. Right now, I'm still in the plotting process on the story. I'm hoping that at my mid-month update, I'll have a lot more to report on this.

That's about it for writing updates. I hope you had a great March! Here's to April!




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