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Mid-March Writing Update

Updated: Apr 23, 2018

All the news I wish was in print...

Soooo...where am I at? I'm working on four projects so I'll update you on each.

Runaway Cowgirl - first off, I love this book. It's been fun to write. It's projected to be subbed as a Kindle Worlds project, but we'll see what happens. This is also the first book I've set in the Hill Country of Texas, and I've gotten to do a lot of Texas research. I do love my research. I also don't like to screw stuff up, LOL. All my Daly Way studies on ranching have sure come in handy, too. I'm in the last section of the story, with just over 5K to write. If all goes well, I'll finish this week.

Stranded With the Billionaire - you know...I feel like I've been writing this book since August. Oh, wait, I have. I am about halfway through the story. They're stranded on a deserted island in Micronesia so there has been a lot of research for this one, too. Not that I think many of my readers have been stranded on an island in Micronesia, but I want to be as authentic as possible (well...a velour version of accurate anyway. No one needs all the sweat and smell of two stranded castaways). I'm still on track to complete this book by the end of this month.

Mad About Her Cowboys - this is my next Daly Way book. I made a mention of this one in my Monday post. My heroine is Madison from Eye of Her Storm. Behind the scenes, this Daly will be more complicated than other ones because it will not be released through the same publisher as the others, so there's a different process for putting it all together, and there will be a new cover design. Something I'm really excited about is that I will now be able to do a crossover between my Daly Way (Daly, Wyoming) and Circle of Three (Cranston, Michigan) books. At the moment, I'm just a few chapters in, but I'll be diving deep into Mad as soon as Runaway Cowgirl is complete. I intend for it to go up for sale in April.

In My Chains - I know, I know... I'm figuring out the expansion for this book. Ripping apart something that was once complete is quite wrenching, but I am sooooooo loving the new suspense-like element in the story. This book (Book 2 of Tradition Bound) is still projected for June and will be released in print simultaneous to the ebook. At the moment, I'm a quarter of the way through the revision/rewrite/expansion.

And that is my mid-month update. The end-of-the-month update will be on March 30.

~~ Brynn



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