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The Daily Joe, August 1

Happy Thursday! And August? Did I just write August? Whoa...

So August first... New month, new goals, new adventure, because isn't every day an adventure? It can be if you make it so. Right up front today, I have two orders of business:

1. It's a Two-for-One day. That's because you get two blogs today. The Daily Joe and an author interview with Shaw Hart. Check it out!

2. I would be remiss in not mentioning it's my man-crush's birthday. Happy 40th birthday to Jason Momoa! If you follow me on Facebook, you know I have a little crush.

Now, back to the regularly scheduled topic--wait! do I schedule topics or just blog by the seat of my pants? Admittedly, it's more the latter than the former. I'm talking about my beginning of the month activities.

First things first, I turn the page in my planner and on the calendar. Actually, I have a Happy Planner, which is cool because then I can move around and add pages as I need then. So I didn't just turn the page. I pulled July completely out.

Then I have a two page spread at the front of August where I add my checklist of daily activities (i.e. my morning routine), my top 3 goals for the month, my other monthly goals, the four habit trackers, notes on strategy and my upcoming release dates. After I've completed that, I do my daily pages for the month. Each day is broken down into my top three goals for the day, other to-dos, appointments and tracking. There's also a box at the top of each day for big notes like Release Day for The Problem With Billionaires (August 15th).

After that, I have a large planning calendar on the wall beside my desk, and I fill that out with my release dates and strategy goals. Also what I need to do for daily writing.

I start a new month for tracking sales in Excel. And wrap up last month's tracking, too.

Finally, I open each of my social medias and track my numbers. There's a lot of tracking involved with being an author. I do this on my website, as well. While I'm there, I note if I need to update the site and also how many blog posts I did in the previous month.

And that's about it, other than a mild case of panic because I'm that much closer to my next release date. But that's pretty standard every single week, LOL.

Today, August 1, 2019

I have a busy morning of meetings and grocery shopping. I'm also doing my midweek review to see where I'm at and what I still need to do. Because I track Monday to Sunday, this is actually the middle of my week.

This afternoon, I will be writing the next chapter of The Billionaire's Beautiful Runaway. I just got back the previous chapter from Dakota and it is FIRE. I can't wait for you guys to read this one.

I made outstanding progress on In My Chains yesterday, and I will be working on that one a little bit more today, but it's not my main focus.

My main focus in more polishing on The Problem With Billionaires. My goal is to have it at 100% and the final uploaded by next Friday (not Friday)

Have a wonderful Thursday!


PS...a little Tradition Bound Graphic for you below.



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