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The Mating Game

Brynn Paulin: Hello, readers! Welcome to The Mating Game where one lucky bachelorette will get to choose from three prospective bachelors. And let’s meet the hopeful guys.


Bachelor 1 hails from New York City where there’s always a story to tell. A leader in his area, he’s into magic, fine wine and women. In fact, he’s been accused of having a harem, but he’d say that’s a gross exaggeration.


Bachelor 2 comes to us from Michigan. He’s a small business owner who’s into leather, kink and hearing you scream…in pleasure.


Bachelor 3 hails from a planet in another astral plane where one could say he’s pretty much god of all he sees. He’s into power and getting his way.

(crickets. a smattering of claps and a cough. Bachelor 3 glowers)

Now the guys’ identities will be shielded from our Bachelorette until she chooses the lucky man to be hero of her story.

And here’s our bachelorette, a lovely young lady who’s going through life with a few unfulfilled fantasies, but I’m sure we can hook her up today. Say hello to Jenna Marks.

Jenna: Thanks Brynn.

Brynn: Welcome Jenna. Have a seat over here and let’s have the guys each say hi.

Bachelor #1: Hello, Jenna.

Bachelor #2: Hey, love.

Bachelor #3: Worship me.

Jenna: Bachelors, I’ve had a really rough day at the office. I’m stressed and tired. My boss is a jerk and I’ve also had to work late, but now I’m with you. How do you help me relax?

Bachelor #1: Did his eyes glow blue? First, I’d make sure your were safe within my compound then my wingscion then I would hunt him down and flame him. Afterward, I’d take you to the hot springs inside my quarters where we’d soak in the relaxing mineral water and make love.

Jenna: Sounds nice…um, except the barbeque part. Bachelor #2?

Bachelor #2: First, I’d kiss you to let you know how much I missed you, but I know what you really want. I’d have you stripped and ready for a flogging. And as the pain flicks over you, morphing to pleasure that will lead to your explosive orgasm, your stress will release. Then we’ll have sex until neither of us can move.

Jenna: Wow. I feel a little tingly. Bachelor #3?

Bachelor #3: I’d chain you to my altar to be my sexual sacrifice which is where you should have been anyway, because your purpose is to worship me.

Jenna: Oh…kay…

Brynn: Bachelor 3, please sit down. Jenna, next question.

Jenna: Bachelors, you find out I have a really naughty kidnap fantasy. What do you do?

Bachelor #1: Why would you want to be kidnapped? With me, you’d get all the fantasy you need.

Bachelor #2: I’d make it happen. I’d kidnap you, but you wouldn’t know it was me as we had days and days of sex to fulfill every naughty fantasy.

Bachelor #3: Kidnap? You will spend your days captured in the throes of ecstasy within my very presence.

Jenna: You seem very full of yourself.

Bachelor #3: Of course. I’m a [BLEEEEEEEEEP] god!

Brynn: Bachelor 3, you must refrain from revealing your identity.

Bachelor #3: Whatever. Like it matters. She’ll choose me.

Brynn: (sigh) Jenna, next question.

Jenna: Bachelors, describe yourself to me at your best and at your worst.

Bachelor #1: Depends on your point of view. I have two forms. In one, I’m a bit scaly. Blue-black scales actually. Over seven feet tall and thickly muscled. A bit of a temper and known to breathe fire. If I’m protecting you, you'll think that’s me at my best. In my other form, I’m about six and a half feet with black hair to the middle of my back and green eyes. I’m quite laid back and know how to give a woman a good time.

Bachelor #2: I’m not a dragon, but I know how to bite. My hair’s medium length and usually a mess, but a hood will do that to you. Light brown eyes and lots of tattoos. At my best, I’m dominating you and you’re on your knees and wanting more of me and my special toys. At my worst…I’m alone without someone who wants me for who I am and not what I own.

Bachelor #3: You big babies. I’m always at my best. With my black hair and eyes, I am unsurpassed in male beauty. I mesmerize and capture all those who see me. Women long to worship at the altar of my pillar of marble. The world is awed.

Brynn: Last question Jenna.

Jenna: This is tough. Okay, gentlemen… tell me your special abilities. What makes you special and why should I choose you?

Bachelor #1: No one can keep you safer than I can. I can shape-shift to Dragon form, use Dragon magic and fly. I’m the leader of my compound and can give you any riches you desire, including a nearly eternal life. I breathe fire and can produce energy waves, some of which will increase your pleasure.

Bachelor #2: Bondage. BDSM. You name it and I can do it. I can dominate you in the way your heart has always longed for, physically and mentally. With me, you’ll feel more protected, cherished and taken care of than ever before...or after.

Bachelor #3: (silence)

Brynn: Bachelor 3?

Bachelor #3: (silence)

Brynn: Bachelor 3, you must answer the question.

Bachelor #3: It’s a stupid question. I have more power than you can imagine. The world is at my feet and your sex will my altar. Oh…and I can teleport through dimensions, change into various creatures, and shoot energy bolts.

Brynn: Thank you bachelors. Well, Jenna, now’s the time to make your decision.

Jenna: This is tough. But I know who I’ll pick. No question.

(a newcomer appears)

Nara, Goddess of the Veil: What are you doing out of your orb!

Brynn: Excuse me?

Nara: Airyon, or I guess he’s going by bachelor #3 right now. He’s my prisoner and ineligible to participate in this “game”.

Bachelor #3 (muttering): Raging harridan.

Nara: I’ll give you raging when I have you chained to my bed. Back in your orb!

(Nara and Bachelor #3 disappear)

Brynn: I hope he wasn’t your choice.

Jenna: Not hardly. I choose Bachelor #2.


Brynn: Well, let’s learn about the bachelors you didn’t choose. Bachelor #1 is Levi, also known as Leviathan. While he will eventually have his own story, he can currently be found in Dragon’s Blood and Blood Bought. Come on out, Levi.

Levi: It’s good you didn’t want me. You’re not a Dragon’s Mate.

Brynn: Bachelor #3 who’s already left, is Airyon the villain of Tribute for the Goddess and currently captive of Nara, Goddess of the Veil. But who did you choose? Bachelor #2, come on out.

Jenna: I can’t wait.

Brynn: Bachelor #2? Oh…I’ve forgotten. You can’t see him yet. If he’s going to kidnap you, it should be a bit of a surprise. I promise you’ll see him soon… Okay all, see you soon and be sure to check out Bachelor #2 in Kidnap and Kink!

Thanks for joining the fun!



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