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What Did You Say?

I'm going to keep this post short. Hey! It's Friday. Few words on this topic is good.

I read something today that really bothered me. And while I did not take it up on Facebook with that person because I'm not one for flame wars, I do want to say something about it here in my own forum. Here is the post, with the personal identifier concealed.

Are you kidding me? I'm insulted. For me and on behalf of the many, many authors who spend hours at their computers, sacrificing time with their families or time to just relax.

I know I was not being personally attacked, but I could have been. I put out a lot of books every year, sometimes every month. Then I burn out and put out zero like January 2021. But I write between 40,000 to 80,000 words a month. I know this because I track it every day. I have written every word of my over 100 books. The idea of using a ghostwriter is abhorrent to me. If my name is on a book, I have made a contract with the person buying the work that I, Brynn Paulin, wrote this. This is my blood and sweat (and yes, sometimes tears).

I am not the only author who feels this way. Like the writer of this post, I'm in many publishing groups, too. And the writers there work hard to create every day. Additionally, I have met and even know some of the "big name authors." They teach writing and talk about their writing routines and how many HOURS a day they're at it.

So Miss Anonymous, most authors DO write, "sorry to tell you."

Much love and hugs to my faithful and supportive readers out there. Love you so much!

Talk soon!




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