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Brynn's Decade 2010-2019

Brynn's Decade in Review

This was actually a lot harder to write than I thought it would be. I mean, what have I done, what have I accomplished, what major things have happened in 10 years? A ton.

Since the opening of 2010, I’ve written 67 books. That includes ALL of the Daly Way, Taboo Wishes, Billionaire’s Club, North Springs, Cherish Cove and The Bad Boys series, as well as most of the Cruentus Dragon series. I’ve won three Best of the Year awards from All Romance (now defunct), one from Ellora’s Cave (now defunct) and gotten the coveted best seller flag from Amazon. I was also a perennial bestseller at Fictionwise and All Romance before they both closed. And best of all, I’ve gone from writing part time to writing full time.

Since 2010, I have been with five publishing houses. Three of have closed and I’ve made the decision (probably one of the wisest of my career) to be an indie author. With my bestie, I also run a lowkey publishing house (mostly helping out an orphaned writer here and there). I’ve graduated to professional cover artist and also edit freelance. Oops, almost forgot about the editing awards I’ve gotten. That would be two.

I've started three blogs and closed two. I've built five websites. One is my own and I'm pretty proud of it. And that's where my current blog is housed. I started a newsletter, too--something I never thought I'd do.

I’m in collaborations with a bunch of amazing people: Dakota Rebel, Lacey Thorn, Tia Fanning, All the Forever Safe peeps, the Inst-Love peeps, my #Loonies and Holiday Hijinks groups (Haven Rose, Loni Ree and Pixie Chica). And I have some of the most amazing and loyal fans a girl could want.

Personally, I’m down one husband, down 114 lbs, and up two fully functioning adult children, who I think are pretty amazing. One has an fantastic girlfriend and the other an equally fantastic fiancée. I went vegetarian in 2011 and full-on vegan in 2015. I've learned to play the guitar. I lost my sweet baby puppy at just over 12 years old in 2013, but I’m up three dogs since then. All three are joys in my life. Most importantly, in May 2010, I lost my grandma, one of my heroes and biggest cheerleader. I still miss her every day.

It's a lot...

So as I’m looking ahead into what I’m calling my Roaring 20s, I’m dedicated and committed to more growth, more career success, more awareness of my blessing and more focus on the amazing people in my life.


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