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Catch Up With Forever Safe

Over the past few weeks, you've probably seen me mention or promote either the Forever Safe series or the individual books in the series. There will be 16 books overall, and as of this past Friday, we were halfway through it with Haven Rose's The Hopeful Heart, book 8 in the group.

If you haven't checked out the other's in the series I recommend them. While these are a "series" they are all standalone books, connected by the theme of being "SAFE". That means: No cheating, no other woman or other man drama. They do not overlap and therefore can be read in any order.

Here's info on each book so far:

Book 1: Loving Summer by Elisa Leigh & MK Moore

Book 2: Blind Love by MK Moore

Book 3: Buying Love by C.M. Steele

Book 4: Sweet Love by Elisa Leigh

Book 5: Swearing to Love You by Chashiree M & Mk Moore

Book 6: Saddled Love by Claire Ashlynn

(NOTE: this was my first Claire Ashlynn book and I LOVED it!)

Book 7: July's Love by May Gordon

Book 8: The Hopeful Heart by Haven Rose

And of course, then there's mine. It's next in line, coming out on Friday.

You can pre-order it now.

Book 9: Reclaiming Love by Brynn Paulin

I hope you check them out and maybe even find a new author or two or three. I know I have. I've been enjoying these fun stories every week.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for Monday's Morning Joe.

Happy reading!!!

~~ Brynn


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