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Cole in Your Stocking?

Continuing with the Christmas theme this week, I'm going to talk about one of my Christmas-y books. Why? Well, Dakota Rebel and I are celebrating Christmas in July and highlighting our Christmas books. We're also announcing a new project, doing some Facebook Live events and giving away some books.

So back to my book: Stocking Full of Cole.

As with most my books, there's a story about the story. This one wasn't inspired by anything but my love of Older Women/Younger Men books, Reunions stories, Small-town settings and getting the love you've waited so long for. So, in essence, it encompasses a bunch of my favorite tropes.

But a funny thing... I picked the title because I thought it was cute. I try to never use the name of someone I know. In this case, however, I did. A mistake? Maybe. But the person I know by that name did not know my pen name. I figured I was safe.

But an annoying thing... Did you know that if you provide your phone number to Facebook for recovering your account, they will push your Facebook information to everyone who has you as a contact with that phone number? (I have a few choice names to call them for that) So in a perfect storm created by Facebook, when this book first came out, who was to learn about my pen name and then this story? The Cole I didn't want to know about it. The Cole from my church.

Boy, did he have fun teasing me about it and claiming it was about him. It being the book that he wasted no time reading and quoting to me.

Definitely, a "shoot me now" situation.

That's the story about the story.

Here's what the book is about:

She was his first love and his first broken heart. Now, she’s home for the holidays and chances are good she’ll break him again.

Once upon a time, Cole promised he’d marry Tamah, the most beautiful girl he’d ever seen. Of course, he was six and crushing on his babysitter. Then she broke his young heart and moved away.

Sometimes, you just know, and it doesn’t matter your age.

Becoming an adult matured Cole’s desire and strengthened his resolve, but his heart hasn’t changed. Tamah is still the one, and this time around, he’s old enough to get the girl and keep her. It’s time to claim his woman and get her where she belongs—in his arms. Forever.

Tamah might be a good girl, but this year, she’s getting Cole in her stocking.

Happy Reading!

~~ Brynn



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