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Coming Home Flipped Her Life


I have a new book today! Have you heard? Flipping for Love is HERE!

This is book 6 in the Dare to Love series, but I also took you back to Cherish Cove. So it's a little bit of a crossover. Have you been waiting for Barke and Sadie...? They show us in this little story. Sadie is our hero Trevor's cousin.

Flipping for Love is available at Amazon exclusively. It's 99 little pennies or FREE on Kindle Unlimited. Check it out!

The cover copy:


When I came home to visit, I never expected to discover the old Victorian across the street was up for sale. I’ve always loved that place. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime. I’ve made a name for myself flipping houses. It’s always a challenge, but so worth it. But this time, the biggest challenge isn’t the remodel. It’s the contractor I’ve hired to help me. Who would have thought Trevor Grant would grow up to be so hot? Annoying? Yes, I would always have guessed that. But hot? Not in a million years. But now I’m contemplating things I shouldn’t. Especially since I plan to be out of here by fall.


Getting the job working with Ginger is a dream come true—okay, let’s be honest. It’s a wet dream come true. But I can keep it professional. Granted, she didn’t know it was me she’d hired. She’d expected my dad. Surprise. She’s not thrilled, but I can see the spark in her eyes. It’s that fire I’ll use to prove I’m exactly the man she needs.

A little peek inside:

This wasn’t the Mr. Grant I remembered. In fact, he was about thirty years too young. If not for the well-worn jeans that molded to his frame, his work boots and the T-shirt that stretched across his drool-worthy pecs and had the company name on it, I would have thought he was here by mistake.

Recognition hit me like a sledgehammer. Not the older Grant I remembered, but the younger one. The only boy who’d ever captured my attention. Trevor Grant… And he’d changed. Good golly, and the women of the world said thank you. I quickly glanced at his finger. No ring. Did that mean he wasn’t taken yet? Not wearing ring didn’t mean anything, though. Lots of guys in construction didn’t wear one for safety. Or he could be dating someone seriously…

Taking a deep breath and gathering myself, I held out my hand and smiled. “Trevor, it’s good to see you.” He hesitated, and my faux-confidence wavered slightly. “It is Trevor, right?”

A slow grin curved his full lips, and my downstairs definitely reacted. Oh wow, this might be a bad idea. Trevor, on-site, distracting me constantly. Maybe he only worked in the office, though…or doing prelim stuff like today. Maybe… Hopefully… Hopefully not? I didn’t know what I wanted right now.

His warm, calloused fingers enveloped mine, and a shiver trembled through me. “Ginger,” he replied, his voice like deep, dark danger rolling over me and beckoning me closer to the flames. “It’s good to see you. You took me by surprise. I didn’t think you’d recognize me.”

“You have changed,” I acknowledged, damning my breathy voice. Oh good grief, I was such a girl, which could be detrimental in this field. And Trevor made me feel even more womanly than anyone ever had. All my female parts were on red-alert.

“So have you,” he answered.

“For the better, I hope,” I laughed. “I was such a dork in high school. I never cared what I wore, head in the clouds, always had my hair in a messy ponytail, big clunky glasses…” I touched my face near where the frames had been, thankful for contacts now.

“I thought you were adorable.”

“You did?”

He nodded.

“You never said anything…”

“I was shy. And I was equally… What did you say? Dorky. I was a robotics geek who wasn’t very socially accepted.”

“I didn’t think so. Adorkable, perhaps,” I teased. Maybe, that was revealing too much.

“Both of us, then,” he agreed. “I still thought you were cute.”

Unfazed by his revelation, he stared at me, and heat blossomed up my neck. I glanced at the house for distraction. “You want to see the place, so we can talk about this job?”

“Yeah,” he said after a second, and when I glanced back at him, he was still watching me.

Check it Out! Love you guys!

~~ Brynn



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