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Crossing Swords

Happy Wednesday!

What a weird blog title, huh? Yeah, I'm talking about the Bald Avengers coming together. No, this isn't something from Marvel. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, check out my Euphemisms post.

In several forums recently, I've seen people discussing the men being into each other in a ménage or reverse harem. Many people think it's awesome. Just as many are like "NOOOOOOOOO!" Rending their robes. "They must be totally into the woman!"

Okay, okay. I get both positions (no pun intended).

For ease as I write, for the rest of the blog, mfm refers to no crossed swords and mmf refers to the guys being into each other. Literally.

When I first started writing ménage, back in 2008, I was in the mfm camp. To tell the truth, I had read male/male books (Carol Lynne was one of my best friends) but I'd never written it. Then I wrote my second ménage in 2009 and the guys suddenly kissed, sharing their taste of the heroine and...

I didn't see that coming. I mean I really, REALLY, didn't see that coming. pun intended. That gif above, totally encompasses my reaction to the scene when it happened. I got up and walked away from my desk and thought "what the heck just happened?" That hadn't been planned for my plot. (short except here--be warned that it's explicit and NSFW)

But it was good. And it worked.

The argument against "crossing swords" that I most often hear is that people want the heroes to be totally into the heroine. It honestly makes me sit back and furrow my brow. Because, I fully feel as if the guys can be into each other and be totally devoted to the heroine. I can tell you for free, my heroes may love each, but they are always obsessed with the heroine.

Read Eye of Her Storm if you have a doubt about that.

Their love always encompasses her.

And Spoiler Alert: I 100% believe that even in mfm romances, the men love each other even if there isn't physical love. Let that settle in. They would have to in order for them to share the way they do, in order for the relationship to work. Regardless of whether they get physical, they're going to have a bromance even if they're not officially "into' each other. Why not be honest about it?

I promised a cover reveal today. As you can guess, it's a ménage/reverse harem book. Two of the men are twins so obviously, there is not sword crossing there. In fact, in this particular case, as with my Kuznetsov Bratva: Making Her Obey book, all three men are brothers, so there for it's all about them having the heroine.

Without further ado, here is That Summer Night:

I am totally in love with this cover! It's going to be a hot and sultry, deep in summer book.

The night is electric with heat lightning when Volkov brothers come into view. There's nowhere for Aly to run, because they taking her, they're claiming her, and they're making her theirs.

Well. then.

(fanning self)

These four are bringing the heat.

My top 3 items today:

  1. Finish up work on Bad Boy Bandleader

  2. Writing on Waiting for You

  3. Characters and Plot Points for That Summer Night.

Tip of the Day: Don't take criticism from someone you wouldn't take advice from.

Quote of the Day: Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes. (Oscar Wilde)

What I Learned Today: Each king in a deck of playing cards represents great king from history.

  • Spades: King David

  • Clubs: Alexander the Great

  • Hearts: Charlemagne

  • Diamonds: Julius Caesar.

Lots of Love,

~~ Brynn



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