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Daily Joe: Finally Francesca (reveal)

It's Friday! Yay! So today on the Daily Joe I was going to talk about Halloween candy. Yeah...not feelin' it. So I'm just going to do my cover reveal. I announced this book in my group yesterday. Releasing in 4 weeks, on Thanksgiving Day:

Book 4 of the Tradition Bound series. You've been asking for Francesca's book and I kept saying after I rewrite Max and Josh's books. Well, I decided that I would leapfrog over them because there's nothing in Francesca's book that will preclude it coming ahead of them. This book has been written FOREVER and I'm so excited to finally share it with you.

Here's the cover copy:

A submissive in hiding.

Years ago, Francesca Cress had her heart broken when she wasn't good enough for her Dom, and with words he regrets, he told her to come back when she'd grown up. She never returned, instead throwing herself into being over the top and crushing men under her boot.

But that's not her, and everyone knows it. Now, Justin Massey is back to take her home where she belongs. But can she forgive him? Especially since she still doesn't feel good enough for the man who's always owned her heart?

Love ya all!!

~~ Brynn



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