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Daily Joe - It's Monday, Yo!

Hey hey hey! It's Monday and this is an everything but nothing sort of blog post. It's Day 6 of my 100 Day Blog Challenge.

How was your weekend?

We got 27.3 freaking inches of snow from Thursday afternoon to Sunday morning. I know it could be worse. It's stopped snowing here, and there are places in NY that got 5 or 6 feet of snow. I'm just a whiner when it comes to snow. It's pretty but I hate driving in it. Not a big fan of cold either.

This was us on Saturday morning before we got several additional inches:

But this was Buffalo, NY:

Seems like everyone but the National Guard will be home officing/working remote for a bit.

::Phone rings::


--Hello. This is the Buffalo PD. You're under arrest. You have the right to remain silent...


--We'll be there a week from Tuesday. Until then, house arrest.

In all seriousness, God forbid there be a fire or a medical emergency. I'm sending all the good vibes their way.

I know Buffalo and the surrounding area are used to big snows, though. I wouldn't be shocked if they have things up and running this afternoon. Serious nods to them.

Nods to the crews where I live, too. Two feet should have brought us to a stand-still, but as of the writing of this, on Sunday morning, the world is pretty much back to normal.

Normal plus icy roads.

About the writing time... Yeah, I have to write my posts ahead. I've found that if I don't, then they won't come out until late in the day, if at all.

Also about writing and frustration – oh, I wasn't talking about frustration?

I had to move my Daly Way book by a couple days. It took me longer than I thought, mostly because in this one, I had to go back and review everything I'd said about these characters. I also had to figure out the timeline and why it's taken so long to get here. For those wondering, I'm doing a three year lapse from when the characters were originally introduced.

So when it takes me too long to write, then I don't have adequate time for the edits. If I'm able, I'd rather move a book than not have good edits. That's how it is. I hate moving a book. I hate moving books more than you can know. I really do. It makes me feel as if I'm letting everyone down. It's one of the reasons I'll be doing things 1000% different next year.

Since my life took a big change in August, with watching the baby for seven hours a day, I have to do things differently. But you probably don't want to read a blog all about that.

One thing I've been prepping readers for is, I'm NOT doing preorders next year. Mostly. I DO have preorders scheduled for next year, but very few. They are only books that are part of collaborations and need to be on preorder. THAT SAID, with everything else, I'm going to try to do short preorders after a book is finished. They'll have maybe a two week lead time. Books will also be available on Barnes and Noble, Apple, Google Play Books, Kobo and my website before they're available on Amazon.

Speaking of Kobo... Did you know that they have a program like Kindle Unlimited? It's much more friendly to authors than KU is. Also, they have a point program that gives you points for every purchase, just as Amazon's new point program does. That might be something for you to check out!

As I mentioned at one point this weekend, I've started posting on Mastodon as an alternative to Twitter. Not that I was really using Twitter, anyway. But I really really love Mastodon so far. I'm meeting some great people and seeing a lot of new ideas and thoughts from people–people I'm not usually in circles with. It's cool. There are a bunch of familiar faces, too, though. I'm dropping a #BrynnPaulin on some of my posts over there to make me easier to find.

Should you be looking for a tutorial on the site to make things easier to navigate really fast, I would recommend this article, Everything I Know About Mastodon. The author quite thoroughly explains everything you need to know to get going.

Upcoming this week:

Tuesday – Hacks I Use to Make Life Easier

Wednesday – A Wayback Dance Party to the 1960s. (No Actual Dancing)

Thursday – A Thanksgiving Post (actual direction of the post TBD)

Friday – Writing Throwback Thursday (because I'm doing a Thanksgiving post on Thursday. Yeah, I know. Make my mine make sense).

Saturday – A talk about NaNoWriMo

Sunday – Relaxing and Guilt

What am I up to Today?

Edits and writing. Watching the baby. He started really crawling, rather than kinda crawling, this weekend. So he's going to keep me hopping. Also... LOOOOOOOOK at the pic. How could my day not be perfect?

I'm also going to formally figure out my Thanksgiving menu. It's not a big family gathering so it's lowkey. I know I have everything I need in-stock in my kitchen. Just need to plan putting it all together.

That's about it today for my hodge-podge post.

Love you more than coffee!!




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