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Daily Joe: Mid-October Misc.

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Good morning!!! It's Tuesday for the Daily Joe. Guys... How did we get almost halfway through October? Bigger question: When is FALL weather going to get here?

For today's Joe, I decided to go digging into my meme/social media folder and see what I can find. Forewarning, this is a purely visual blog today. Nothing meaty here.

Wait! Let me rephrase that...

Oh, never mind. You'll see.

First up, I don't think you need to be around me long to know two things. 1. I don't watch TV. (to be clear, I very occasionally binge stream certain TV shows but I'm not a sit down and watch TV every night or even every week person)


Every fall, you're going to find my butt in front of the TV watching Dancing With the Stars. Why? I mean, besides the dancing... Well, please see the collage of this collection from my folder. I present: Gleb Savchenko.

Maybe a little crush. Teensy weensy crush.

What else do I have in here... (so much, to tell the truth) A little blast from the 80s.

And finally...

And now it's time to go write. Have a good Tuesday!

Today, October 12, 2021

I will stop looking at memes and write on Wife Bait! Big things are happening!

~~ Brynn




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