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Daily Joe: Monster Misters

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Hot guy image edited to make safe for work ;-)

Bring on the coffee. Am I right? Okay, I know there are some tea and cocoa drinkers out there. I just need a little caffeine.

So today, we're talking monsters--specifically the Monster Misters. Okay, I'm talking about them.

I have two of the Monster Misters books coming this month: Wife Bait and Monster Bait.

Wife Bait will be out first. This book

actually takes place approximately a year before Vampire Bait (the

Monster Misters Book 1). The heroine in it is Avery, the vampire who befriended Bellamy in VB. If you're not clear on who she is, Avery is the pregnant vampire. I thought you might want to know how she got that way, and how she and her husband got to be vampires. Spoiler alert: they both started as humans. Then something happened. (You know I'm not going to tell you here, but I think I hinted at it in Vampire Bait).

This is going to be one of my longer stories. So it will be in print and in eBook format.

Coming on its heels will be Monster Bait.

There is a pretty popular erotica book that came out recently that has Monster Bait as a term in it. Soooooooo...I considered changing my title. I didn't want anyone thinking I copied that. Then I thought, dang it, I used that term in Vampire Bait which was before her book AND I had this book up for preorder for a while. So it is what it is, and I'm leaving it.

Monster will feature Allie and Jedson. You also met Allie in Vampire Bait. She was one of the humans who befriended Bellamy. She turned twenty-one during the course of the story and was about to do her Chosen Run because she was...wait for it...Monster Bait. See. This story picks up just before that point.

On her run, she's claimed by Jedson. I'm not ready to talk about him at this point. Let's just say, Jedson is an entirely different monster than you usually see. He's not a vampire, an animal shifter, an elf, a gargoyle, an ogre...anything along that line. I'm pretty chuffed to bring him your way. If you're in my reader group, you'll learn a little more about Jed a few days before the book's release.

That's about it for today.

Today, October 5, 2021

Today, I'm wrapping up some final work on Enforcer and writing a few chapters each on After Z and Wife Bait. All writing all the time today.

Talk soon!




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