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Daily Joe: Sweet Obsession

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Whoot whoot!! We made it to Wednesday!! How are you liking the daily posts being back?

Today, I'm going to go a teensy bit deeper into the Sweet Obsession anthology for a second. It comes out in April. It has 14 novellas in it from 14 authors and it's only 99 cents!! A bargain!!! It will not be releasing to Kindle Unlimited because it will be all over--on iBook, on Nook and on Kobo.

You can snap it up HERE.

And my book... Do you love Bolthouse Security?? My inclusion in the Sweet Obsession anthology will be Loving Layla.

Layla is a rising Hollywood star who's managed to get a stalker and Reid is the bodyguard hired to keep her safe while she's on location. Reid is new to Bolthouse Security so you won't have met him yet.

Or will you? Because Claiming Caylee is planned for early 2022 and Reid might just do a flyby to see you.

But for some non-book talk. Man, fall has arrived but we're not having very fall-like weather here in Michigan. So I'd like to say: anyone who lives in southern Michigan, you can go ahead and thank me for our unseasonably warm weather. I packed up my summer clothes a week and a half ago and it's been warm ever since. You. Are. Welcome.

Isn't that just how things go? I should have known it was fake autumn, but no, I got all excited. That's what I get for trying to be ahead of the game. Oh well, pretty soon, I'll be whining because it's toooooo cold.

Weather aside, yay for the fall! We had rain yesterday, but I still managed to get in a walk with my doggo. I couldn't resist taking this picture with all the leaves. The pic doesn't do it justice. The leaves were quite pretty on the pavement.

Of course, my little princess pooch was loving it. She adores walks and I enjoy taking her. It's a good break away. It's raining again today, but chances are good we'll be taking our three mile jaunt again today. to do some plotting. Tomorrow, I'll be talking about my writing process. That might actually be a two-part blog.

Today, Wednesday October 6, 2022

Today, I'm finishing up Enforcer and writing a chapter each of After Z and Wife Bait. Have you reserved your copy of Enforcer? Preorder now so you'll have your copy first thing Monday morning.

And don't forget to preorder Sweet Obsession!!! All the authors in the anthology will appreciate it!

Talk to you tomorrow!!

~~ Brynn



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