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Daily Joe: Enforcer

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Well, helloooo there! I haven't done one of these in a while. Seems like it's about time for a Brynn's Daily Joe. This one is just a quick catch up on what I'm working on in October.

Today's spotlight is on Enforcer. Stop by tomorrow for the series reveal for Club Sin!! I'm so excited to finally show off my cover and talk about the series. Monday, I'll be talking about some Monster Misters, although I'm not quite ready to reveal about what kind of monster we have in Monster Bait.

First up is my initial book in the Kyra Nyx collaboration, Enforcer. This is the first time I'm writing a not so nice guy as the hero. I mean...he's a criminal. A Bratva enforcer to be exact.

So let's talk about him. Yuri Xarya and his brother were orphans picked up off the streets and raised by the Kuznetsov family--

Just an aside before I go on. I should have picked an easier last name. Every time I go to write it, I have to look it up. So here I am, writing it left and right for the next three months (at least) and each time I did I spell that?--

Anyway, back to Yuri. So Yuri is the lead enforcer for this family, and because they saved him and raised him, he's one hundred percent loyal to them. Then in comes the Baranov family. They've been uneasy adversaries to the Kuznetsovs for years. And now, they're causing problems. That crime that Carter witnessed in In Plain Sight? That was the Baranovs against the Kuznetsovs, and now, there's trouble.

Yuri is out for blood. He'll settle for the enemy's daughter. And here we go. Enforcer gets running with a plain old-fashion mafia kidnapping. Okay, maybe it won't be typical and maybe things might run a little in the gray area when it comes to the romance...

Have I said too much?

But wait. There's a little more. Katiya--that's our heroine--isn't thrilled to be kidnapped, but she's also pretty unthrilled by her family (yes, I just made up that word). So she sees a big opportunity with Yuri. Does she want to marry him? Does she want to be the wife of an enforcer? Eh...not so much.

I'm pretty sure they'll work it out, though.

If you're intrigued and you'd like to preorder, I'm slipping you the link HERE. It's one of 12 Kyra Nyx Not the Good Guy books that have fellow co-authors: Barbra Campbell, Bree Weeks and Euryia Larsen. You can (and should--trust me) check out the whole series HERE.

For my contribution, Enforcer is the 1st of at least three Kuznetsov (yes, I had to look at the spelling) Bratva book. The other two will be Yuri's brother and Yuri's closest friend/boss. My reverse harem, Club Sin book in November will also be related to them. For even more fun, you will also meet the Kazon brothers from Euryia's books in the Kaznetsov books.

We're so excited to be working together on this. If you like to walk on the dark side without going too dark, Kyra, Barbra, Bree, Euryia and I have you covered.

See you tomorrow for the Club Sin reveal!

~~ Brynn



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