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Devon's Triumphant Return

Told you there would be two blogs today, LOL.

So...this thing happened on Saturday. After quite a LONG revision, Under Their Protection, Daly Way book 12, was rereleased. (If you want to skip the story history of Under Their Protection, click HERE)

A rerelease? Was it even out?

Oh dear reader. Let me tell you...

The year was 2022, and I'd overbooked myself. And I was burned out. But I wrote this long-promised book anyway. I released it on the not-as-long-promised date.

For less than a day. I just couldn't with the book.

It didn't feel right. True story, I kind of hated it. Honestly, I thought everyone hated it. Of course, they did. It was terrible, right? (Hold that thought. I'm coming back to it in a minute.)

So in less than a day, I decided to unpublish it.

Then it sat in computer file purgatory for a year and a half. Trust me, to my mind, it deserved to be there.

Last year, I decided it was time. Time to pull out that sucker and fix it. But every time I tried, I felt a little sick. And this enormous wall loomed up before me -- other writers may be familiar with this wall. Writer's Block. For me, that block was situational, directly related to this particular book.

So, in February, On February 21st to be exact, I decided it was time (HIGH TIME) to tackle this project. I know the date because, the next day, unbeknownst to my plight, the wonderful and giving Sarra Cannon put out a video about editing your novel. One of the techniques she suggested was exactly what I needed to parse through the book and see what I had, what needed fixing, and what needed to be added.

After that: Step two. Remember I told you to hold that thought about everyone hating the book? Step two was to steel myself and go look at the reviews. Another true story, while I am grateful for reviews, so so so forever grateful, unless someone sends the review to me or specifically tells me they reviewed the book, I don't read them. But in this case I needed to. Imagine my shock when they were good. Really good.

Of course, I disagreed and thought the book could be better. After all, I hated it so much that I'd unpublished it.

So that's the LONG story.

Short story: I totally rewrote the book. The basic plot hasn't been altered, but if asked, I would be hard pressed to point to any sentence that wasn't changed. In addition to that, the book is now two and a half again what it was back in 2022. It went from short novella to full-on novel.

And I really love that book. I have some books that are really close to my heart, that I really love. Eye of Her Storm, from this series, is one of them. Under Their Protection is coming in a very close second of the 12 books in Daly Way.

So here's what it's all about:


A woman on the run, two cowboys who’ve claimed her, and the Bratva who want her back…

What could go wrong? Everything.

The people of Daly think Devon Magnus is a guy.

That’s her plan, and it’s been a good one, but she’s tired of running and hiding. After five long years, she wants her life back. That’s a hard task since she’s fleeing from her stepfather and his evil cronies. They aren’t the type to give up.

But neither are her cowboys, Cannon and Hawk. They know she’s a woman. They also know she’s theirs, and they’re determined to protect and claim her. They’ve been patient, but she’s kept them at arm’s length long enough. She can’t anymore; they won’t let her. They want her in their arms and in their bed.

But it’s only when fear and comfort collide that passion explodes. Then nothing can keep them apart. Her men are everything she needs. Friends. Lovers. Protectors.

Hers. All hers.

And as far as her cowboys feel? No one will hurt her. And no one will take their future, their love, or their Dev from them. They’ll do anything for her. She’s under their protection.

Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, Kobo, and others.





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