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Good afternoon. I hope you're having a good Sunday.

Usually, I try to be upbeat and informative in my blog posts, but today, I'll just be informative.

In light of this weekend's events, two mass shootings in less than 24 hours, I feel I should say something. Because if people like you and I don't speak up, who will? If we go along with our lives as if nothing happened, will others just shrug and move on if, God forbid, something happens to us?

I'm not getting on my soapbox. Promise. Instead, I'm just posting information for you to digest. I was shocked by the numbers. This tally was as of this morning, August 4, 2019. We still have nearly 5 more months of the year left. How many more will be killed when they're doing nothing more than living their lives?

I believe the first step to change is awareness, and I can sadly say, I had no idea it was this bad.

Dayton OH - 10 El Paso TX - 20 Chippewa Falls WI - 6 Gilroy CA - 4 Canoga Park CA - 4 St Louis MO - 5 San Jose CA - 5 Abbeville SC - 3 Sante Maria CA - 5 White Swan WA - 5 Virginia Beach VA - 13 Cleveland TX - 3 Detroit MI - 3 St Lopuis MO - 4 West Chester OH - 4 Stockridge GA - 3 Clinton MS - 5 Aurora IL - 6 Livingston TX - 5 Palm Springs CA - 4 Gonzales LA - 5 Rockmart GA - 4 State College PA - 4 Sebring FL - 5 Houston TX - 3 Jacksonville FL - 3 Owensboro KY - 3 Palmdale CA - 3 Hurt VA - 3 Torrance CA - 3

Tell me we don't have a gun problem. These are mass shootings that resulted in 3 or more deaths from just 2019. This doesn't include the double and single fatalities. It doesn't include the hundreds of people who were severely injured in mass shootings. There have been 253 mass shootings this year. Tell the 272 people killed and 1057 people injured in mass shootings there isn't a gun problem.

#changemusthappen #ENOUGH

With a heavy heart,



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