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Is there really a problem?

Guess what! The Problem With Billionaires is Live everywhere!

First up, I want to thank all the people who pre-ordered this book, as well as those who've read it and given me feedback. Love you all so much!!

Early Feedback:

For 10 years, my favorite Brynn Paulin book was Tribute for the Goddess. I still own my paperback version of the (currently unavailable) book and reread it once a year. For 10 years, it was my favorite Brynn Paulin book. Until yesterday. My dudes.

I am not lying when I tell you that The Problem with Billionaires, is one of THE best books Brynn has ever written. I am in love with Booker and Marigold.

Bravo!! Brynn...bravo!!! Take a bow doll...very well done!! Prince Booker was magnificent!!

Available at:

Here's a peek:

The Problem With Billionaires

by; Brynn Paulin

But if a prince and a waif fall in love, where will they live?

Booker, The American Prince

That’s how tabloids refer to me. I hate it. Yes, my mother married the monarch of a small European principality, but it doesn’t define me. Still, every time I step outside, the cameras are flashing. I’ve thrown myself into my work, built my own empire, and avoided any relationships. If you don’t give fuel for the fire, they’ll leave you alone… Right? Hasn’t worked so far.

Then I find her. Literally…I trip over her in the street. And she’s mine. Finders keepers and all that.

Marigold, The Waif

My life is a disaster. When my stepmother moves away with no warning, leaving me homeless, I’m left on the street with nothing but the clothes on my back. Scared and alone, I’m facing my first night on the street. In the pouring rain.

That’s when he falls over me. That’s when he decides I’m his.

It should all be happily ever after. But this is my life, and things never quite work out that way.

Available at:



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