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SURPRISE!! I know I had a post this morning, but here we are. Also, I know, I know! I just had a book out on Sunday, but this thing happened... Jahz, Garrett and Chay just wanted to come play. So here we are with a surprise release. This one is a menage and SUPER spicy. You don't mind that, do you? Didn't think so.

It is a rerelease of a book I had out a while ago, but it hasn't been available for over six years. A little insider info: This was the first book I ever had any male/male interaction. I'd read a ton of it before then, but had never written it. So if you've read my other m/m then here's a peek at where it all started. OF COURSE, there's tons of attention for our beautiful damsel, so don't worry about that!

Take a look and enjoy this Halloween treat!

Halloween Pleasure

MMF, Halloween, Lots o' Lovin' (And a kick-ass damsel in a little distress) Available NOW on Amazon and FREE on Kindle Unlimited

Here's what it's about:

Jahzlyn Monroe is between things in life...between jobs, between homes, between relationships. When she attends her cousin's Halloween party, she never expects to end up between two men. Literally. Naked. Jahz doesn't know who her masked lovers were, and as she struggles to find her direction in life, surrendering to a ménage relationship at this crossroads seems unwise despite the burning desires plaguing her.

Dressed as phantoms, Garrett Byrnam and Chay Harper expect fun at the party, but they never suspect they'll have the woman of their dreams in their arms before the night's end. When she disappears before they can reveal their identities and make their intentions clear, they know they'll be traveling their own rocky road as they set out to persuade Jahz, that she should surrender to pleasure in their arms - a pleasure that will be no phantom at all.

This story has male/male interaction as part of a polyamorous relationship and some BDSM play. This book was previously released as Phantoms’ Pleasure.

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Happy reading!

~~ Brynn



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