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Daily Joe, October 13: Kuznetsovs... What's next?

Hey, it's Wednesday. Welcome to hump day and today's Daily Joe!

First up...I think we need a Wednesday Joe, don't you? I decided to go with Hook AND the Sheriff of Nottingham, the bad guys we all love. Just me? Well, yes, I loved them in that show and movie. As I'm thinking about it, I think I must have a real problem with men in guy-liner.

Something to consider in upcoming blogs...

So, anyway, to tell the truth, I have to admit I dragged my feet on writing this piece today. Usually, I write my blogs a couple days ahead. I've been so caught up in Wife Bait and Enforcer, I just didn't know what to write about.

Well, shoot...the Kuznetsovs of course! By the way, I have finally learned to spell it without needing to look it up each time. If you been reading along on the blogs, get my newsletter or are in my reader group/follow me on Facebook. You know I had a book come out with Kyra Nyx on Monday. I have a couple more this quarter. In fact, total I will have at least 5 books with parts of this organization popping up. Here they are (scroll down for details):

A little cut off due to blog utilities, but I think you can see them okay (plus) each one is below here.

First up, we had In Plain Sight.

Yuri, the hero from Enforcer and the lead enforcer for the Kuznetsov family made an appearance in this Sweetville book. In the story, Carter is in hiding after witnessing a drug deal turned massacre between the Baranovs and Kuznetsovs. That event is referred to in Enforcer and illustrated the bad blood between the two families.

Readers got a pretty good picture of Yuri in that book. but the man had no idea what was coming his way.

In Enforcer, Yuri meets his match. The battle with the Baranovs continues. Which maybe isn't the best thing for him since his bride to be, the woman he falls for, turns out to be a Baranov.

Is it war?


Do they find happily ever after? Of course! Also in this story, we hear about Elena and meet Josef and Zoran.

And that brings us to Josef's book. I made the cover bigger here because he's up next.

Josef is Yuri's younger brother. He's a soldier for the Kuznetsov family and he accompanies his brother to retrieve weapons that were stolen by the Baranovs then purchased by the Tortelli family (knowing they were stolen).

While on the mission, he comes across Sonya Tortelli...and much as his brother had with his wife, Josef knows Sonya is his. Hey, kidnapping worked for his brother.

But, unlike his brother, things don't go quite as well. In fact, he ends up having to rely a bit on Sonya to get him through this. Hopefully, her uncle doesn't leave her as a widow.

And then there's the Kuznetsov princess, Elena Kuznetsov. She wasn't supposed to be part of this series of stories. But she's kind of bratty and just showed up and said: Oh yes I will have a story.

Fine. So who's your hero?

Akin Zakar.


And Eriks Zakar.


And Lev Zakar.


You can see how things with her. Very headstrong. Very determined about what she wants. She can't make a decision, and she thinks she can have none of the ones she wants. Akin, Eriks and Lev have news for her. Yes, this is a reverse harem.

And finally... Zoran.

Zoran is the brand new Pahkan (boss) of the Kuznetsov Bratva and pretty much the day he stepped into that role, the pressure started for him to find his queen.

Thing is, Zoran's been in love with the daughter of another Bratva family for a long time--since she had the balls to taser him. Her family isn't among those the Kuznetsovs consider as enemies. Marrying her would bring a good alliance.

She doesn't quite agree.

Not at all.

And that is the overview of all the Kuznetsov stories. For now.

Today, Wednesday October 13, 2021

It's all about the Monster Misters today. All monsters all the time.

If you haven't checked out Enforcer yet, here's the LINK!

Interested in preordering the others? Here they are:

Happy reading!

~~ Brynn



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