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Living Well: The Sweetest Revenge

(read to the bottom of the page for my weekly update)

Hi! Brynn here!

Guess what!


Exclusively on Amazon.

It's FREE on Kindle Unlimited.

This is Book 1 of the Cherish Cove High series.

Book 7 of the Cherish Cove series.

Book 3 of the Yours Everlasting Series collaboration.


This is a standalone book. Still, you will find some overlap. If you loved Maisie and Eli from Ex Scrooge Me, they appear in this book. Fiona, the heroine, is Maisie's little sister and you do see her very briefly in Ex Scrooge Me.

Side note for Revenge of the Curves readers: Harrison and Bronte will be coming your way in April. Their book is Geek Charming.

Also...the Yours Everlasting Series (YES) collaboration is a year-long project by seven authors, bringing you 28 books. You can learn more about YES HERE.

Revenge of the Curves

Series: Cherish Cove



After my boyfriend very publicly breaks up with me...on my birthday...on the first day of our junior year of college, I'm humiliated. But curvy girls like me? We bounce back. And I vowed revenge.

Revenge comes in the form of our university's brand new quarterback. But what starts out as saving face and getting even, quickly turns into something else entirely. Because my new man...he's out to prove he's just that. Mine. Forever.


Here's my Weekly Update:

Okay, if you're reading this far, you already know Revenge of the Curves released today!!!

Vampire Bait is coming along and will be out on the 17th.

A freebie book is also that week and it will be free for TWO WEEKS but it's only available to people in my Facebook Group. After that it will go up on Amazon.

Then we have Line of Duty on 2/22 and Pants on Fire on 2/24 (and why did I think it was a good idea to have three books so close together. Because I'm a wild woman apparently.)

On 2/26, I'm revealing my BIG book for March in my Facebook group. By big, I mean novel-length and it will be on all platforms: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo and iTunes. I can't even tell you how excited I am about this story and series (oops, did I say series).

Talk soon!

~~ Brynn



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