• Brynn Paulin

Meet a New Kind of Romance Hero

And he’s not Mr. Nice Guy. So…what would have happened if the Big Bad Wolf got the girl? Or Hans Gruber? Or Lex Luther? Some call them villains, but they are the heroes of their stories. And do we have some tales to tell!

Kyra Nyx is excited to announce her collaboration with four exciting authors: Barbra Campbell, Bree Weeks, Brynn Paulin and Euryia Larsen. Together, they’ll present the Not the Good Guys series and prove that Happily Ever Afters aren’t reserved for knights in shining armor. These heroes swagger in, drag you into the gray area, and make you rethink all your fairytales.

Follow these interconnected stories and get swept away by heroes who put romance on the edge.

Look for these electrifying books coming soon:

10/04/2021 – Of Wicked Things with Bree Weeks mybook.to/ofwickedthings

10/11/2021 – Enforcer with Brynn Paulin mybook.to/EnforcerBrynnPaulin

10/18/2021 – The Dark with Euryia Larsen mybook.to/TheDarkEuryiaL

10/25/2021 – Executive Desire with Barbra Campbell mybook.to/ExecutiveDesire

11/01/2021 – Of Broken Things with Bree Weeks mybook.to/OfBrokenThings

11/08/2021 – Soldier with Brynn Paulin mybook.to/SoldierBrynnPaulin

11/15/2021 – The Beast with Euryia Larsen mybook.to/TheBeastEuryiaL

11/22/2021 – Managing Desire with Barbra Campbell mybook.to/ManagingDesire

12/06/2021 – Of Lost Things with Bree Weeks mybook.to/OfLostThings

12/13/2021 – Empire with Brynn Paulin mybook.to/EmpireBrynnPaulin

12/20/2021 – The Villain with Euryia Larsen mybook.to/TheVillainEuryiaL

12/27/2021 – Buying Desire with Barbra Campbell mybook.to/BuyingDesire

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