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Monday Daily Joe - Brynn's Imprints

Hey Hey Hey! It's been a minute, but I wanted to hop in with 2 posts today to catch you up on a release and something new I've implemented.

You may have noticed this change, but if not, here it is:

I write many different romance genres, and I wondered if I should start a new pen name to separate them. However, when I surveyed readers about the middle of last year, the answer was a resounding NO to other pen names. (side note: I am not discontinuing Whitney Quist or SPICE)

So I wanted to come up with another solution. What I landed on were Imprints. So last year, I created several imprints for myself and placed indicator flags on my covers. I have not updated most of my old covers, but eventually the imprint flags will go on them, too.

You may have already seen them and wondered about them. (Yes, I'm a little late to the game here, but better late then never, I guess) Below is the key with the explanation of what tropes are in those categories. (side note 2: I DID NOT make a flag for Historicals because I think those are pretty obvious.) Some of my books could fall under more than one category, but for each title, I've chose the one I think is most important.

I hope this helps you out! I'll be back soon with another blog post.





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