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Mr. Bossy Pants, At Your Service

Hey everyone! Good morning! Today, the big news is Bad Boy Bossy Pants went LIVE overnight on Kindle Unlimited! Yes, it's another silly name, but the whole point is the books are fun. This is book 2 of 7 in The Bad Boys series.

Right now, I don't know which Bad Boy will be next. Could it be Ford's brother? One of Rossman's brothers? One of Rowena's brothers? You guys get to decide. I'm posting a poll in my readers group to decide which book is next. What?! You're not in the group yet?! You can find it here:

Specifically about Bossy Pants: Oh baby, this book was hard to write. This couple loved each other right out of the gate and they wanted to head right into their HEA. Back up that train! Not happening, guys! So I had to rein them in a little. They didn't like that. Then there was the heroine. As writers, we try to write with the senses. This time around, I had to take that away from one of them. At every turn I had to remind myself, Rowena is deaf. What is she feeling; what is she experiencing. She's a wonderful character, and I loved her (if I do say so myself).

I hope each of you fall in love with Rossman and Rowena, too! Read on for more about this great couple:

Bad Boy Bossy Pants

by Brynn Paulin

Being a billionaire is fantastic until…

It’s not. I command my world but I can’t buy the two things I want: The woman I desire and a miracle. Neither are for sale. And both are out of my reach.

I’m one-hundred percent in love with my best friend’s sister. I have been for years, and she just told me she’s moving away. Like heck, she is. Not without me. I’ve been her rock for the past six years. She needs me.

Okay, I need her just as much.

The other thing? The miracle? My girl thinks she’s broken because she can’t hear. To me, she’s perfect. But because I would give everything to heal her, she thinks only I want to fix her.

She couldn’t be more wrong. She’s my world, exactly as she is. Now, I just need to convince her of that before it’s too late.


“So, I’ve decided to move.”

“Yeah?” I took a sip of my coffee. Rowena and I met at this coffeeshop a lot during the week. I was her safe sounding board, even though her two brothers were my closest friends. Or so everyone, including them, thought. For the past four years, it was their sister I was closest to.

God forbid, anyone find that out, though. It would ruin my image of the devil-could-care, bachelor bad boy. Not that I gave much of a fuck about that. It was the label everyone else put on me, and I’d just rolled with it, because if anyone learned my real feelings for this girl before me, I was fucked. And maybe in a world of pain once her brothers got hold of me.

When my friends found out I was totally in love with Rowena, I was a dead man. Their little sister was off limits, but my thoughts and body had their own filthy ideas. Ideas I constantly had to tamp down.

She nodded. “I want to go somewhere that no one can be all ‘poor Rowena’, someplace where I can start living a full life without my family treating me like I’m an eight-year-old invalid.”

Immediate panic tightened my chest. Whoa! This was way more than I’d thought. She wanted to leave town. I took a deep breath and attempted to hide the apprehension taking hold of me. No way in hell was I letting my woman leave.

Not that she knew she was my woman.

“Okay,” I said, keeping my gaze fastened on her. “Where are we moving?”

Her eyes widened, then she giggled, the sound only slightly off.

We’re not moving anywhere. But I was thinking somewhere warmer. I hate Michigan in the winter.” She didn’t say it, but I knew it wasn’t because of the cold. I thought I knew just about everything about her.

It had been winter when she’d lost her hearing because of a virus. Something that should have been temporary but wasn’t.

Right now, we probably seemed like a regular couple sitting in the coffeeshop, but the fact of the matter was, if anyone paid attention, they’d hear the slight flatness of Rowena’s tone and realize when I spoke, no sound came from my mouth. No sound was needed, since my girl was reading my lips.

Since the middle of her high school years, almost six years ago, she’d been deaf, literally waking up with no hearing one day due to a rogue infection. While everyone else had been in a dead panic, running around trying to figure out how to fix it and yes, treating her like she was completely broken, I’d been her rock, her friend outside her family. If she thought she was leaving me behind, she was wrong.

And I said so. “You’re not going anywhere without me,” I growled, making it show on my face since I knew she couldn’t hear the rumble. I accompanied it with emphatic signing, just to be clear. Yeah, the signing I’d learned for her, with her.

“Ross…” she sighed. Her eyes closed, and I reached out to tap her cheek, right below her left lashes.

“Don’t,” I said when she opened them, taking her sweet time, too. Little Miss Headstrong thought I wasn’t on to her. Rowena closed her eyes to shut out what she didn’t want to “hear.” It was a control thing she’d developed when her life had spun out of control.

It didn’t work with me.

And she was dead wrong if she thought she’d could push me, too.

“Don’t boss me,” she complained.

I leaned forward, staring into those dark brown eyes of hers. “Do you really think I’ve been by your side every day for the past six years just to let you walk away? Think again, Row. Fucking think again.”

Happy Reading!!

~~ Brynn



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