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Oh, look. It's Snowing.

The prompt at the top of my blog app says to give a snappy title. Frankly, all I've got is: It's April 18th and it's snowing.

Come on Spring... I have outdoors stuff to do (and I don't want to bundle up in three layers and a heavy coat to do it.) This is the gripe of most people in Midwest America right now.

"What do you mean it's snowing again? It's almost May."


So it's Monday and it's snowing and I have a bazillion words to write today and I'm tired. But I'm tired for a great reason. My youngest son called right as I was going to go to bed and asked if he and his girlfriend could stop over. Then they stayed for a couple hours. It was great, actually. A wonderful visit!

But I'm also knackered from the whirlwind of last week. It was just crazy and sooooo much "Sweet Obsession" all week long. It was just a roller coaster every day. Watching. Waiting. Tracking. Are we going to make the bestseller lists? How are reviews?

And now, we wait. The verdict should come in on Wednesday.

In the meanwhile, I'm working on the next Bad Boy book today. I have two days' work left on it at this point, then it goes into edits. It's a fun fish-out-of-water meets the mega rock star book. Basically runaway Cinderella meets music's King Bad Boy.

The first order of business this morning was going back and reading parts of two of the other Bad Boy books to update my notes. Heroine Charlotte is the sister of a previous heroine, Bianca. Hero Ryder is the brother of a previous hero, Rossman. But not in the same books.

Funny thing about the Bad Boy books. I was going to write the first one and that's it. Now, I have an interconnected series (FYI: all can be read as standalone books). Who would have thought? Spoiler Alert: I should have thought it, LOL.

Don't forget I'm doing a cover reveal on Wednesday. I've already let the cat out of the bag that it's a reverse harem story. It's going to be a standalone book.

Famous. Last. Words.

We'll see, I guess.

I mean, I can name about a dozen books that were supposed to be standalone, one-off stories but ended up being a whole series (cough *Daly Way Ten Book* cough). you can guess, this is just a chatty update blog.

My top 3 items today:

  1. Write Bad Boy Bandleader

  2. Characters and Plot Points for Waiting for You

  3. Characters and Plot Points for the book I'm revealing on Wednesday.

Tip of the Day: Drink water to get your morning jolt. It really works. Lately, I've started most days with drinking cold water--and if you've been around, you know I'm a coffee addict. But a glass of cold water really will wake you up. Drinking it is the preferred method, though wearing it will get you the same effect.

Quote of the Day: Come live in my heart, and pay no rent. (Samuel Lover)

What I Learned Today: You can't hum while holding your nose.

Lots of Love,

~~ Brynn

You just tried to hum holding your nose, didn't you?

A book to try out today:

It's paradise…until you shipwreck there!


Shipwrecking seems like something out of a movie-of-the-week or a TV show. I never thought it would happen to me. But it did—with Silas, the hottest man I've ever seen. It's not ideal, but things could be worse, right? I could be alone, or with a pervy jerk, or my billionaire boss…

Turns out Silas really is my boss. And off-limits. I really should have researched better, but what can I say? I was running from trouble. Out of the frying pan and into the fire…


From the moment I saw her, I knew. Lily is mine, and I need her at my side. I offered her a teaching job to get her to my tropical island—hey, I had ulterior motives, but it's a real job!

I didn't know about her troubles. Doesn't matter. She's with me now. I'll do anything for her. I'll do anything to protect her.

Unfortunately, not everything is in my control. Mother Nature had other plans. When a freak storm hit, our boat capsized and we fought for our lives in the deadly waves. Thank God, we survived. Thank God, we found land.

Not so great: the island's deserted. It's just me and my woman.

Could be worse. We have each other. We'll make it work.



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