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Ready to Visit the Club?

Love reverse harem books? I have TWO coming your way in November. But today is about only one of them.

Are you ready?

Coming November 15, my contribution to Club Sin.

Room Fifteen: Making Her Obey

Before we get to the cover, here's what it's all about:

As a pampered Russian-American Bratva princess, I expect everyone to obey my orders. It’s been that way since the day I was born To the outside eye, my life is good. I have my own business. I’m wealthy. I seem to have everything I could ever want.

Except freedom.

Yes, I’m the princess, but I’m always closely guarded or under lock and key. I just want a night to let loose!

Enter Club Sin. I’m making a break for it and spending the night in the hallowed halls of the sex club. For once, I'll forget I’m the woman who gets whatever she wants and let my three partners command my every pleasure.

Tonight, I’ll be under their command—if they can make me obey.

This November, 22 of your favorite steamy romance authors take you inside Club Sin, a forbidden place where you’ll find love and pleasure with multiple hot men in these Reverse Harem novellas. Can you handle the heat?

22 rooms, 22 fantasies...

Which door will you step through?

My goodness, right!!!!


Are you ready???

Here's my cover. Ta-da!!!

Oh...that look on her face. You know it's good. Be sure to come join me at Club Sin!!

~~ Brynn



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