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Saturday Wrap-up

Happy weekend! This has been an amazing week of book releases, so I'm going to do a wrap-up for you. Take a look and find some reading for the weekend and the week ahead.

First up is The Life She Couldn't Seen by Chashiree M.


How does one’s life change so drastically in the blink of an eye? That is the question I ask myself every day.

One minute, I am tied to a chair, awaiting what I am sure is my death at the hands of my father. The next I am safely at home, living my life, trying to convince myself I don’t need nor want a relationship with the sexiest man I have ever met.

No matter how much I say this to him, he never leaves my side.

Soon we are building a life together, one I couldn’t see before him.

How do I hold on to this life, when someone is hell-bent on destroying it?


The moment her picture came across my phone, something about her called to me. I knew she was going to be my wife. My light. My air. But first, I needed to save her.

She pushed, tugged and tried everything she could to get me to walk away from her. Until she realized, there was no use.

We are building a life together. One I plan on protecting with my own.

What does a man do, when everything he loves is being threatened?

I kill anyone who gets in my way. Get at Amazon.

~ + ~ + ~ + ~

Her Obsession by Shaw Hart

At fourteen, Harley Marley met her future husband, but he moved before she could show him they belong together. When he returns four years later, as the sheriff, she's certain her dreams will come true.

After two months without a hint he feels the same, she takes matters into her own hands. Some might say she’s obsessed, but Harley's just claiming her man.

*Warning! This book alpha is over-the-top, head over heels in love with his girl. If you're looking for a steamy insta-love story then this book is for you!

~ + ~ + ~ + ~

Mobbed Up Love by MK Moore

Autumn Deluca is a good girl who works three jobs to help her mother raise her siblings. Her third job is not what she wants to be doing, but it pays enough to quit the first two.

Alberto Diaz is the best man for his brother’s Thanksgiving weekend wedding. He never thought going to his family’s club would change is life forever.

One look at the out of place Autumn has him promising to marry her before all the leaves fall.

This is what happens with a good girl goes bad with the best bad boy around. This is all the Instalove you can handle as well as a little bit of mafia goodness. As always this story is safe and has a sexy happily ever after. Amazon.

~ + ~ + ~ + ~

Swim Coach by Abby Knox

Admired, overachieving high school senior Addie has turned 18 and plans to wring out every last drop of her elite private school education. When a school legend returns to coach her swim team, however, her composure waivers under his stern gaze.

Coach Ford doesn’t lavish anyone at this school with the praise they are accustomed to, and Addie isn’t sure what to do other than work harder, and swim faster. If she could only manage to keep her head down and keep her wet and wild fantasies under control…

The majority of this book is told through the eyes of the heroine, with occasional, brief glimpses from the hero’s perspective. The wonderful, steamy, funny, sweet, smutty payoff is worth every tear-stained page of teenage longing!

Not ready to go back to school? This mean, bronzed god with the whistle says YES, YOU ARE!

Intended for ages 18 and up for language and graphic sexual content.

~ + ~ + ~ + ~

Grumpy Dad by Abby Knox (PRE-ORDER)

Sunny, eccentric Kindergarten teacher Jewel knows how to charm the typical private school parent. Vince, however, is the only one whose outward stubbornness provokes in her a nearly uncontrollable desire to stroke his beard, squeeze his dad bod and stare at him while he watches Burt Reynolds movies. Hey, whatever works to get more help for the PTA bake sale ...

Vince really wishes people would leave him alone. For the most part, they oblige. So why does a gorgeous, relentlessly upbeat Kindergarten teacher keep trying to include him in all this bougie PTA rigmarole? But ... if all this nonsense will help five-year-old Max fit in at this fancy school, fine. Just this once, he'll help; and then everybody'd better leave him alone.

~ + ~ + ~ + ~

During a side trip to Las Vegas for business meetings, Billionaire, Orion Quinlan is blindsided when he finds his soulmate. Not one to let anything standing in his way, he whisks her away to his private island to convince her that he’s a safe bet.

Jenna Neal is amazed by her feelings for Orion Quinlan and gives herself to him without reservation, but misunderstandings happen, and Jenna runs away. The spoiled Billionaire finds it's not always easy to get everything you want.

Jenna has news that’s going to Blindside Mr. Quinlan all over again.

~ + ~ + ~ + ~

34-year-old Zeke Winston with his wild beard and tattoos might not look like your typical financier, but everybody knows not to let his appearances fool them. Businesslike, sensible and level-headed, he’s been the CEO of his family privately held, worldwide hedge fund company, E&W Capital International, for years and leads the most unromantic life ever.

Old-moneyed, hard-working, charitable and ruggedly handsome as he is, he can hardly avoid hitting the list of most eligible New York diehard bachelors every year, but he doesn’t think his status will ever change.

He is the man who can’t be moved until, suddenly, he becomes quite the opposite when he touches love for the first time one fateful night and a curvy fairy turns his life upside down.

And then she disappears like a dream and now he’ll do anything to find her, but the Big Apple has never been so immense it seems, yet no matter how heartbroken he is and how little he has to go on, he still can never forget her and will never stop looking for his little bit of sky.

He will find her. He was her first lover, she was his first love, he has already lost her once and won’t let it happen again.

22-year-old Skye Brighton is a camera-shy accountant laden with more curves than she can handle sometimes. She may be full of energy, spunky and gritty, but she’s very private, doesn’t like to draw attention to herself and she has never known much happiness. Orphaned and almost completely alone in the world, she just got unfairly fired from her first real job, but she’s used to be an underdog with no champion and won’t let this drag her down.

She thinks she’s unsinkable, she’s always been, though the universe seems to hold a bit of a grudge against her and has tried to kick her down plenty of times.

And then her life gets that much more complicated when a sexy, large, tattooed bearded gentleman drags her away, steals all of her firsts and leaves with her something she never expected to have.

A broken heart might just be the thing to finally sink her.

Wasn’t love supposed to conquer all when she finally found The One?

What the heck happened there?

Dear Reader:

So yeah, the forecast on this stormy fairy tale might not look sunny right now, but don’t worry, you know that you can, as always, trust me to make this 100% SAFE and happy.

Check out this ingredients’ list if you don’t believe me:

One giant, obsessed OTT possessive alpha baby daddy, insta-heat, plenty of spicy smutty times, a heroine that’s so sugary and sassy, she will add all the sweetness and laughter you need to this story, a dusting of angst, a pinch of thrill, a tablespoon of intrigue, a side of secret bundle of joy and a big serving of happily ever after that will tickle you pink and leave you full and content.

By now you’ve guessed it already: this filthy-cheesy romance is insta-love fluffiness and second-chance-at-love goodieness all wrapped up in one big candy-coated messy package. There’s no cheating, it’s HEA-guaranteed and there’s no OW/OM drama, though there’s a dastardly evil stepsister behind the scenes, fair warning!

~ + ~ + ~ + ~

International Love (Forever Safe) by KL Fast

Wendelin Thompson seeks adventure.

Jayson Brubaker needed a break.

Italy seems like a good place to start.

A hotel bar, a World War II battlefield, two days, and fair bit of instalove can be expected.

Who knew these American's had to travel halfway around the world to find International Love?

This Forever Safe novella is all about the Summer of Love. This is a super-safe, sexy tale.

~ + ~ + ~ + ~

Love's Valley Duet by Haven Rose and May Gordon

One look and you will find your soulmate. That’s the legend of one of Love’s Valley’s founding families.

Twins Cecilia and Charlotte lost their mom a year ago, and recently learned their dad never wanted them. Needing to reconnect with family, they travel to their aunt’s and hope to rekindle the bond they once shared. However, fate has other plans when they’re stranded near a small-town and they just might find the home they were looking for.

Levi and Mason have long heard of their family’s legend, but never fully believed it even if they wanted it to be true. Then they experience it themselves and discover love at first sight is real. But it doesn’t always come easy.

Thankfully, legends and fate are stronger than the walls that might keep these couples apart.

~ + ~ + ~ + ~

Taming Professor A+lphahole by Loni Ree (Pre-Order)

"When you tame the King Alphahole, you want to brag.”


When Tori offers a fellow student a ride to school, she has no idea her good deed will bring the biggest Alphahole ever into her life. Now Reid Maxwell is going to find out he picked the wrong girl to boss around. She’s going to show him.

Professor Reid Maxwell hasn't let any woman get close enough to tame him. The Economics Professor has a reputation as a love 'em and leave 'em Alphahole with no room in his life for entanglements. Raising his younger sister takes all his time, and he avoids any hint of commitment.

He takes one look at Tori Barton and realizes she's the one for him, but she isn't going to make things easy for this over-the-top jerk.

Smartass meets Alphahole and sparks fly.

~ + ~ + ~ + ~

Must Love Dogs an Anthology by Multiple Authors


Must Love Dogs is an anthology for charity, showcasing eighteen love stories that feature mans best friend. Service animals are an integral part of society. They help people with various ailments and cope with the day to day that most people take for granted. Come join us as we celebrate these lovable creatures and take you on an unforgettable journey of love and acceptance.

~ + ~ + ~ + ~

And Finally: Tuesday Afternoons by Yours Truly!

This Tuesday, her fantasy date isn’t a fantasy at all…

Most days, Casey’s commute home is boring, but today, it’s about to get oh-so-steamy.

For months, she’s had sensual fantasies about a stranger she encounters every Tuesday afternoon—a younger, unobtainable man who walks the same path with her just once a week. It’s nothing more than casual acquaintance—or is it!

This Tuesday, he proposes something more, an illicit encounter to indulge the desires simmering inside them both. For Casey, there’s only one answer:

Yes, yes, oh, God, yes!

It’s time to release her inner bad girl for a no-holds-barred Tuesday like none other.

Happy Reading!! ~~ Brynn



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