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Sexy Beaches!

A couple months ago, I embarked on a new project with three of my good friends: Dakota Rebel, Tia Fanning and Lacey Thorn. We call it the Sexy Beaches Project. First up was a group of books with Halloween themes. They're all standalone, unrelated stories but they're all...Something Grave.

First up: 'Til Grave Do Us Part by Tia Fanning

She’s disturbed the dead, and he isn’t resting in peace…
After taking revenge on her philandering husband’s grave, Taylin has a terrifying run in with his very ticked-off ghost. Thankfully, this young widow has a sexy law-enforcement hero to help set her straight when sheer stubbornness puts her life in grave danger. But when he’s pulled into the specter’s plan for retribution, will either of them make it out alive?

Next: Grave Encounters by Dakota Rebel

She wasn’t hunting him…
The last thing Anya Williams expected to find when chasing a ghoul through a graveyard was someone to help her chop up the body and set it on fire. But that’s what she got when Erik Pederson stood up from an open grave as she ran by.
Watching the flames reflected in his bright blue eyes, Anya feels a stir she hasn’t experienced a while. A loner by necessity, she is used to the single life and hasn't so much as looked for a date in years. Even though she feels that there is something off about him, she can’t help wanting to see him again.
Having wandered the earth for centuries, Erik has grown used to the pain of existing alone. He accepted his fate, and stopped hoping for more long ago. Staring over at Anya, Erik can't help the flicker of hope that she might be the one to bring him peace, either through love or through death.

Our third release was: Grave Magic by Lacey Thorn

One day can change everything…
Sheltered by her mother, Alice Savoy has believed in one thing her whole life. Magic. She might not know how to make appropriate small talk, but she’s mastered the art of manipulating the elements with a wave of her fingers. Discovering the grandmother she never knew left her a cottage leads to a cross-country journey that will change Alice’s life.
Hudson Baines doesn’t believe in magic. After twelve years spent in some of the nastiest places on earth courtesy of the military, he’s not sure human decency still exists. Coming home was supposed to be about reconnecting with his baby sister, spending more time with his parents, and figuring out what to do with the rest of his life. What he wasn’t expecting was a chance meeting with the girl next door and the gut-wrenching need she ignited inside him.

Finally, there's my book: Grave Destiny

Zora's new house has a little problem. The original owner never left…died…whatever. He's still claiming ownership of the mansion. Now, he says Zora is his, too.
It’s been a bad two centuries. First, Bram was cursed to a half-life within the walls of his own estate. It hasn't been lonely. His household staff was bewitched along with him—and that might be worse than being “almost dead.” Now, the descendant of his grave enemy has been given the home—Bram’s home. Not happening! Enough! Unacceptable!
He wants his mansion back. He wants his life back. And once he sees Zora, he wants the woman, too. Unfortunately, the only way Zora can fully belong to Bram is to be cursed to a half-life, too. Even more unacceptable!
But better a half-life than the other choice before them: Zora can sacrifice herself and Bram will be free. Totally unacceptable!
Decisions, decisions… What’s a ghost to do? The answer is clear to Bram. No. Way. In…Hades.
But…his woman…she has other ideas.

We're so excited to present these to you and we're already hard at work on our next collection that will release just in time for Christmas!




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