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The Daily Joe, April 8

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Good morning! Happy Wednesday!

How are you all doing? This is a crazy time, right? I know it is here. I feel as if I'm taking my life into my hands whenever I go to the store. And who knows? Maybe, I am. But we can't live in fear, can we?

Here at Paulin Central, I'm taking all the precautions: eating well, taking my vitamins, getting fresh air and exercise, social distancing, complying with the stay-at-home order (which allows for dog walks), of course washing hands, and taking precautions when I have to go out (sanitizing, gloves, mask). It's a weird time we live in. But I keep reminding myself this is an unprecedented time in history, something that will be remembered and talked about for generations to come. As such, I'm keeping a journal about what's been happening. I started it nine days after Michigan got their first case and have documented changes and developments over the days.

But this post isn't about that. It's about how I'm staying sane during these tough times. A lot of people are going stir crazy and they don't know what to do with themselves. I think this is an excellent time to delve into who we really are and maybe do some things we've always putting off or maybe learn something new.

For me, my touchstone is my routine. Over the past months, things have laxed there, but I've really doubled down on getting that train back on the tracks. My wake times and bedtimes are still not back to what they were, but that's probably because I've swung back to being a night owl. I've been getting a lot done in the evenings so instead of beating myself up about not doing my early morning, I've focused on getting enough sleep and scheduled my day accordingly.

Many gurus will tell you you have to get up early to be successful. And I still get up early by some standards, but it's not 4 AM (or 5 or 6). But I'm still getting things done. A lot of things. If you're not getting up early, and you're still getting it done, give yourself a break. I am. Maybe come summer, when life returns to normal (hopefully), I'll get myself back on the super-early train. Or.........maybe this will be my new normal.

But my routine... Everyone is different. Mine revolves around certain mile markers,so to speak.

  • Wake up, take care of dogs, get coffee, get dressed (and all the morning stuff for getting ready for the day).

  • Breakfast, review plans for the day, Spanish lesson (I'm on day 67 of learning a new language)

  • Work

  • Lunch/Read

  • Walk dog for 45 minutes

  • Work

  • Dinner

  • Walk dog again

  • Work

  • Read, Spanish lesson

  • Sleep

I mean, it seems like a pretty simple routine, but because that's how my day goes together every day nothing feels out of sorts and like I'm flying free with no anchor. I would encourage you to try to find some routine in your day, too, if you haven't already. Trust me; it helps. It really does.

Today, April 8, 2020

This is where I talk about book stuff.

First up, I will be uploading new covers for all the Cruentus Dragon's books. They got a face lift in preparation for the new one coming in July (casual book announcement there).

Also, speaking of face lifts, Two Plus One got a new cover! You should check it out!

I will be doing some final-phase work on Billionaire's Bunny, as well, today. I have to upload it to Amazon on Friday. It's available for pre-order, if you didn't know. It will come out on April 14th.

I will also be working on some planning work for the second half of 2020 and the beginning of 2021. I'm usually planning about a year out to keep me on track. The change here is that I've totally revamped the back half of 2020 from my original plan. But let me tell you! There's some exciting stuff!! I announced it on my Facebook group, Brynn's Place, (partially) but here's a peek at some of the upcoming work (and the new Dragon covers). The reason I say "partially" announced is that I have 3 new limited series starting in the second part of 2020 that I've told NO ONE about. They won't be announced until the first books are getting ready to drop. The beginning of 2020 has taught me to keep secrets, but that's another story, LOL.

So, take a peek below!

Until next time, love ya!

~~ Brynn



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