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The Daily Joe, July 11

Yes, this post is back-dated. If you read my July 12 post, you'll see that I've been writing mini blog posts over on Facebook. Why? I should be blogging here on my, um, blog, right?!?

Today, July 11, 2019

Good morning! What's on your agenda today?

Today, I'll be deep in the writing again! I have a few appointments this morning but this afternoon, it's all words all the time. I'll have a blog up today, as well.

Be on the lookout! The Billionaire's Christmas Cruise will be going up for pre-order tomorrow and releasing on July 29!! Have you seen the cover? We did a cover reveal of it on July 10. But here it is.

Speaking of pre-orders... did you see that Reclaiming Love is up for pre-order on Amazon? It will only be on Amazon as all the #foreversafe books are Kindle Unlimited. You can get it HERE.

Have a great day!!!


PS: I'd love to hear from you. Let me know if you like the Daily Joe?



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