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The Daily Joe, July 12

Lately, I've been writing a quick little update for everyone over on my Facebook Group, Brynn's Place, but it occurs to me they're like mini-blog posts. So I was thinking (I know dangerous!), I should post the same flash updates here.

Today, July 12, 2019

You know those mornings when you have all the good intentions then things go sideways? Yeah, that's today. But I'm picking up speed to get in step.

I'm deep in the words today. Looking to finish 3 books by the middle of next week. One is almost done, one is in the second draft, one is just about at halfway (but I'm only writing half the book, so that's like being at 3/4 for me.).

While I'm away, check out Haven Rose's new book The Hopeful Heart! It's at the top of my list for reward reads this weekend. You can find it HERE for $.99 or on KU.

Don't forget, my book Reclaiming Love is also available for pre-order. It's part of that same Forever Safe series.

A note about the series: all the books are connected by theme but they are not connected. You can read any of them in any order. You can find Reclaiming Love HERE.

Have a wonderful day!!!

~~ Brynn



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