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The Daily Joe, July 19

The weather outside is kinda...ugh today, but nothing's getting my spirits down. It's Fri-YAY! Alexa Riley has a new book out. I have a new book out. Life is good!

Let's talk Friday, because I want to make sure if you stop over to my blog, I give you some random fact of the day or something to think about. So Friday:

Did you know Friday comes from the Old English Frīġedæġ, meaning “Day of Frige.”? This is as a result of the Old English goddess Frigg (an Anglo-Saxon interpretation of the Norse goddess Freya) being associated with the Roman goddess Venus.

Am I the only one who saw Day of Frige and read Day of Fridge? Making me think... Is this the day I make lots of trips to the fridge? Or the day I clean it out? Calories on Friday don't count right, LOL! In case you were wondering national clean out your fridge day is November 14, so you're safe from that chore for just under four months.

I'm totally joking! Don't wait that long!

Today, July 19, 2019

Today's the day!! Reclaiming Love is live and you can get it on your Kindle for just #99Pennies or on #KU, if you have a subscription. This book was so fun to write. When I got involved in this project, I thought for quite a while about what I'd write. The only criteria I had was that it had to be safe and within a given word count. For those who don't know: "safe" means the hero and heroine are faithful to each other once they meet. There's no cheating; there's no drama from past love/lust interests. There's a happily ever after.

Well, duh. This is a Brynn Paulin book. Of course, I will meet those criteria!

So back to when I was planning... I decided that I'd write some of my favorite elements: a reunion, childhood loves, determined alpha, runaway bride (or in this case fiancee)... And include some of my favorite places: Michigan, a small town, the beach (on Lake Michigan).

After that, everything came together like magnets drawn to each other.

If you've missed them, at the bottom of this post are all the teasers/countdowns for this book. I had so much fun with them!

So... This is the section of the blog where I talk about my plans for the day. Here goes: Of course, I'll be on all my socials talking about Reclaiming Love today. Beyond that, I have other books in progress. I'm continuing on with my joint project and on In My Chains. I'm also doing prelim writing on the first book of my Beach Please series.

I haven't talked about that series as of yet. It's a 5-book limited series (meaning it's just those 5 books) and Reclaiming Love is a bit of a prequel. The Beach Please series will feature the Woods family from Reclaiming Love. It will also be set in Cherish Cove and the Driftwood Hotel/Resort. I'm anxious to get started with it. Oakley, Savannah's "boss" from Reclaiming will be the hero of the first story. There's so much more to him than you think!

This ought to keep me busy today.

I hope you have a wonderful Fri-YAY! Do something fun!

Happy reading!

~~ Brynn


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