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The Daily Joe, July 26

It's Fri-Yay! I kinda wish it was Mon-Yay! You're probably like, "What is wrong with you, Brynn. You're crazy!" Well, I have a super busy weekend ahead (and none of it will be that much fun.) I don't want to talk about it.

This week, I've discussed several writing topics. Today, I'm going to do something else. It's going to be random thought Friday. Here we go down the rabbit hole.

Question: How do you handcuff a one-armed man?

Do you remember The Fugitive? There were two versions of this story: one is the 1960s television series and the other is the movie from 1993. The Fugitive is actually based on the real-life story of Dr. Sam Sheppard.

The TV show starred David Janssen as Dr. Robert Kimble and ran for 4 seasons.

The movie starred Harrison Ford.

The basic premise for those who don't know is this: Dr. Kimble, a physician, is wrongfully accused of murdering his wife. He escapes custody, due to a train wreck, and goes on a cross-country search for the real killer, the one-armed man. At the same time, of course, the law is on the doctor's trail. The show was quite popular and the series finale was actually the most watched episode of all time until the M*A*S*H finale thirteen years later.

The movie followed the same basic plot and was the third highest grossing film of 1993. I mentioned that it starred Harrison Ford as Kimble. Tommy Lee Jones, one of my favorite actors, played the US Marshal who was after Kimble. He was so good in the role he won the 1994 Best Supporting Actor Oscar for it.

The movie and the TV show have better endings than the true life story. I mentioned Dr. Sam Sheppard inspired the story. He indeed was convicted of murdering his wife in 1954, though he maintained his innocence the entire time. He was released from prison after a lengthy appeal, in 1964. Then after a retrial, he was found not guilty in 1966. He died 4 years later due to liver failure from his alcohol use. His son then took up the mission to clear his father's name. And he did find the very likely killer. DNA testing pointed to that man (as well as him killing another person), but he was never convicted.

Sounds like it could be a story! But I guess it was... for 4 years then again on the silver screen.

In both the TV show and the movie, the killer was a one-armed man. Again I ask...how do you handcuff a one armed man?

And that's my randomness for this Friday. And now you know something you might not have known before. That is the purpose of this blog, not just my thoughts, but info, whether it's insights into writing, author life or just useless trivia to discuss when you've run out of small talk.

Today, Friday July 26, 2019

Writing. I'm going to squeeze in as many words as I can, because chances of good writing are slim this weekend. I'll be completing chapter one on the new book with Dakota Rebel. Then I'll complete the revision of the prologue and chapters one through three of The Problem With Billionaires.

I'd like to squeeze in some more plotting, but likely, I won't. But I will work on my Saturday blog post and record last Sunday's blog for YouTube. It remains to be seen if I'll have a Sunday post this week. Like I said, the weekend will be insane and I've kind of left Sundays as a free day.

Free day rhymes with three days and three days is how long we have until The Billionaire's Christmas Cruise releases! I promise, that just sort of popped up. I wasn't being intentionally cheesy.

This is what the book is about:


I see. I want. I take. That’s my mantra, but it’s always been applied to business deals. Never in my life have I thought about using it in regard to a woman. At least, not until I met her. Emerson Blake. The woman of my dreams, who I spied across a crowded bar. I spent ten minutes with her, yet I immediately knew I’d spend the rest of my life loving. She lives on the other side of the country, way too far from my bed and my life in Las Vegas, but I’ve overcome worse obstacles.

She doesn’t know it yet, but she’s about to get the Christmas surprise of a lifetime.


Three months ago, we had ten perfect minutes together. That’s all it took for him to impact my life. Everything shifted, and I didn’t even realize it. But my thoughts returned to him over and over. I obsessed over a guy who I barely met and will never see again, longed for him. So the cruise I unexpectedly won seems like a good way to get my head on straight again.

Then in walks Mr. Obsession, and my plans for fun and sun and forgetting him go out the porthole. All I can imagine is spending hours in his arms.

This time, we don’t have ten minutes. We have seven days. Will it be enough to last a lifetime?

Yeah. I doubt it, too.

You can get it HERE.

Have a wonderful weekend!



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