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The Daily Joe, July 29

Happy Monday! No really, happy Monday! Are you alive, awake, moving? Then it's a good day! It's a particularly good day for me because my new book with Dakota Rebel is out today! I'm not going to go one and one about that, other than to say what a pleasure it was to write. So much fun!! If you want a look, check out my new release announcement. I have links, the blurb and an excerpt there.

So... It's Monday. Time to make all the good plans for the week. You know, Monday's don't have to suck. I've got some action plans and quotes for you. Just a little something to help make it a great day. (some of these take a little planning so, think about implementing them for next week).

  • Do something new! Wear a new outfit, read a new book (I can suggest one), listen to new music--Pandora and Spotify both have some great playlists, find a fun podcast to listen to. Don't do the same-old-same-old. Switch things up and have some fun.

  • Plan your Monday. I take some time on Saturday or Sunday to plan my upcoming week. It helps to know when your appointments are and what goal you want to achieve. If you know what you want to do in the coming days, you can create an action plan to get there. When Monday morning hits, you can hit the ground running like the superhero you are. And yes, I do think you're a superhero. All of us have that inside us. You just have to find it and let it get powerful and grow.

  • Remember, you're not making up for having two days off. The weekend is planned rest. You're just starting the new day.

  • Use Friday afternoon to prep for Monday morning. Come into your day prepared.

  • Plan some self-care for today. Can you take that walk you've wanted to do on your lunch hour? Soak in a tub tonight. Get or do that mani-pedi you want? Find some quiet and meditate? What can you do for YOU this Monday?

  • Go to bed at a reasonable time on Sunday. Look, my night owl has come out to play the past few weeks, but there's nothing like going to bed at a reasonable time and getting enough rest. Trust me on this one. Especially on Sunday night. You might want to squeeze every last minute out of the weekend, but you'll be thankful Monday morning if you don't.

  • Anticipate something awesome is happening and be on the lookout with gratitude. I know, I know, that sounds really touchy-feely and woo-woo, but living with gratitude and hope is life changing. Seriously LIFE. CHANGING. Try it out. If you expect the best, the best will happen. I guess that's not just a Monday tip. That's an every day tip.

  • Pretend to love Monday. Make a list of all the great things about this day. And you know what? Eventually, you actually will like it.

  • Do something nice for someone else. Make someone else's "Ugh it's Monday" into a much better day by doing kindness. It'll make you feel good, too.

And here are a couple good quotes/thoughts on Monday:

Today, July 29, 2019

Well, today, I'm celebrating my book release. And there will be a lot of promotional things in relation to that.

And I'm going to the dentist. I need to practice some of my Monday thoughts on this one...

On the work front, I'm finishing chapter three of my new project with Dakota Rebel, book two of The Malloy Brothers. One more time for those in the back:; Book one, The Billionaire's Christmas Cruise, came out today.

I'm also reviewing chapter one and two of The Problem With Billionaires, which comes out August 15th. It's book 5 in the Billionaire Club.

(I should note all of the Billionaire Club and Malloy Brothers books are standalone works. You can read any of them by themselves and in any order.)

Have a wonderful day!



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