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The Daily Joe, Weekend Edition

Happy weekend!

Yesterday, I talked about how busy this weekend would be, so what did I do? I had a lay in this morning. That's different from a sleep in, since I was awake and reading, Facebooking and catching up on Words With Friends.

As is my habit on Saturday, I'm recapping some great things that happened this week. Here we go:

  • It was sunny all week and I got to spend time outside working. The weather was warm but beautiful.

  • Monday, I started recording the Daily Joe. I hope you're loving it! That was actually a brave move by me, because I'm pretty nervous recording my voice and putting it out there. I mean...who would listen? Do I have something interesting to say. See! Sometimes we all have to get over ourselves and in the words of Nike and Shia LaBeouf, Just Do It.

  • The Problem With Billionaires also went up for pre-order on Monday. It's available HERE. It releases on August 15th.

  • Monday was busy! I also posted a bonus blog of Coming Attractions. It's my plans for book releases for the fall. I also joined a new Christmas project with eleven other authors for the middle of December.

  • On Tuesday, I finished a book!

  • Wednesday, I we announced the new Insta-Love Romance Group. There is an amazing new Facebook Group for readers who can't get enough Insta-Love Romance. It's was formed by twenty-five authors and we love to give stuff away. Who are the twenty-five? Well, me, Dakota Rebel, Pixie Chica, MK Moore, Ember Flint, Loni Ree, Dani Wyatt, Zoe Jane Fox, Fiona Davenport, Abby Knox, Elisa Leigh, Chashiree M, Haven Rose, Hope Ford, Lacey Thorn, Mila Crawford, May Gordon, Tory Baker, LeAnn Ashers, Claire Ashlynn, Hazel Gower, Annelise Reynolds, Sylvia Kane, Shaw Hart and Peyton Cross. As of this writing we have 726 members!

  • On Wednesday, I also started a new book with Dakota Rebel. As with the last book, we didn't have a title.

  • On Friday, In My Chains went up for pre-order. It releases on October 24th. It's available for pre-order HERE.

  • We also had a big intro event over on Insta-Love. I'm giving away five copies of The Billionaire and the Beast.

  • Saturday, we announced a hope over on the Insta-Love group. If you participate in the hope, you have the chance to win some pretty awesome prizes! (see the graphic below.)

That's about it for the week, but did I mention: I finished a book!!!!

I hope you have a wonderful rest of the weekend! Talk to you Monday.



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