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This one goes out to...Dakota Rebel!

Happy birthday to the best bestie there is. Dakota Rebel. Yes, it's my bestie's birthday so today, I'm dedicating a post to her and her awesomeness.

It's pretty cool to have a friend in the same field. We both write, kvetch, celebrate and brain together. That's not a typo. Yes, we brainstorm and bounce ideas, but we both swear that we share a brain sometimes.

That said, Dakota is many things I'm not. She has a magnetic personality and she's training to run a marathon. I do not run. I'm more of a power walker. She loves true crime of the serial killer variety and can write some creepy stuff. I'm more the fluffy rom-com type. She has a sarcastic, wry humor and doesn't mind sharing it on camera. I also have that humor, but it's incredible camera shy, as am I.

We've both been writing for nearly the same amount of time, and she has almost as many books out. In fact, we share almost 30 titles for stories we've cowritten (3 as Dakota Rebel/Brynn Paulin and 26 as SPICE). Having that shared brain comes in handy in that case, when we're writing together. But today, I want to highlight some of my favorite Dakota Rebel titles. Dakota writes traditional romance as Dakota Rebel, gay romance as Rebel and romantic suspense as DF Rebel:

For as many wonderful books that Dakota has written, To Hate and To Hold, will always hold a special place in my heart. It's just my favorite. She'll probably roll her eyes at that, but whatever, D. I love Jamie and Ethan.

Enemies to lovers is all fun and games…until you find yourself eternally bound to a vampire prince that you loathe.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve detested Ethan Connor. And to be fair, he hates me right back. We do our best to avoid each other at all costs, except when we feel the overwhelming urge to kick each other’s asses. Which is exactly what happened one clichéd dark and stormy night. Fists flying, thunder rumbling, and lightening flashing was apparently the magic combination to set off a bonding curse someone had set on us. Now we’re stuck in closer proximity than either of us have ever wanted. The fighting is getting worse, but the bond is eager for that energy to change to something way hotter and a lot more dangerous. I don’t want to be anywhere near Ethan, and I don’t want to sleep with him, and I certainly don’t want to be married to him for the rest of eternity…do I?

Now...this book. I LOVE this book!!! It doesn't get nearly the attention it should. Mister Wright is definitely fighting for first place in my heart. I'm not a fan of age gap books, but I don't even care about it with Mister Wright. I just adore these two characters. And the two (main) secondary characters are hysterical (and I wish they had their own story!!). This book is the ultimate girl next door gets with her Hollywood idol fantasy.

He’s older, richer and way out of my league…

Benjamin Wright was my Hollywood crush. He’s an icon. Actor, director, producer. All those big, flashy titles they give to older men with gobs of money and fame.

And I just kissed him on a stage in front of thousands of people. And he totally kissed me back.

It’s crazy right? No one grows up and dates the actor heartthrob from the cover of a magazine. But here I am. With him. It’s not all sunshine and roses. I mean, he’s a widow with grown kids, we live and work on opposite sides of the country, and I’m definitely not good enough for him. It’s a lot of obstacles to overcome. And I don’t know if I have the strength to keep fighting for a relationship so many people don’t believe in.

Is my dream come true really a nightmare in disguise?

Okay...when Dakota told me she was going to write this next book, I wasn't too excited, but I also wasn't too surprised. I'm not a crime girl the way she is. Dakota loves true crime books, true crime documentaries, Dexter, Criminal Minds (and the like). Writing Saint Mary was a natural departure from her normal romances. And it's good. So good. As much as I was...uhhhhh...are you sure? She won me over.

They call me St. Nicholas, the patron saint of children, but don’t get it twisted…I’m just a serial killer.

I’ve managed to stay under the radar of the homicide detective in charge of the case, who also happens to be my big brother. But when the FBI shows up, I’m afraid I’ve finally met my match in Gavin Tate. Within hours of arriving in town, the handsome FBI agent is standing in my office, asking for my help.

It’s beyond dangerous to allow myself to be pulled into the investigation. But in a twist I never saw coming, it might be the only way to get to the one man I really want to kill.

And then there's these boys... If you haven't read the Touch of Gray series...why not? There are nine books in this series, all following Cole, Bryce and Sebastian. It's a little bit like reading Supernatural. A gay version. All the stories standalone, so if one doesn't want to commit to all the books, one can be enjoyed on its own. But if you like paranormal adventure and gay will want to commit! Kiss Me You Animal is the first of the series.

I'm a drunk and a degenerate, with a job that's probably going to get me killed.

So, why this young, sexy guy I rescued from the side of the highway has attached himself to me is beyond my comprehension. But, as someone who's constantly being accused of thinking with my d*ck, I'm not about to look a gift like this in the mouth.

Even if that pretty, little mouth has fangs.

Now I'm racing against the full moon to find the werepanthers that attacked my new...boyfriend? I don't know how to protect him and do my job, but if I don't figure it out soon we're all in big, f@ck*ng trouble.

BUT... if you like traditional girl gets with guy romance, with light, fluffy monsters, there's always these monsters (and the 1st one is FREE!). Midwest Monsters are just trying to get along in the world.

Arts and Witchcraft starts out the series with a bang and you will fall in love! I can't recommend them enough (and judging from the gadzillion awesome reviews...everyone else feels the same.)

Fun fact, they’re still running witches out Salem, even in the twenty-first century.

So, after being chased from their home by people with actual pitchforks, the LaFey triplets have settled down in a small town in northern Michigan.

Unfortunately, the saying is true. There’s no rest for the wicked…witches.

Mindi – All I wanted was a normal life. And I thought we’d finally found that here. I got a job at the local elementary school and was just about settled when a new principal came in, looking to shake things up.

I’m shook alright. There’s something going on with this guy that I just can’t put my talon on. His wolfish grin, devilish good looks and snake like charm are all adding up to no good.

Booker – They say trouble always comes in threes, and from where I’m sitting, the LaFey Triplets are nothing but, with a capital T. Especially the school’s kindergarten teacher, Mindi.

I’d thought I was escaping my curse by running away to this scenic town in the middle of nowhere. But now I can’t shake the feeling that something wicked this way comes.

Happy Birthday, Bestie! I hope you have an awesome day!!!




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