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Those Bad Boy Boots

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Hey everyone! It's your friendly neighborhood blog slacker. I'm horrified I haven't blogged in almost two months. What the heck, guys! There's been so much going on. I'll need to catch up the next few days.

Today the big news is Bad Boy Biker Boots is LIVE on Kindle Unlimited! Yes, it's a kind of silly name but it's just a fun, quick read and I don't want to take this series too seriously--as in, it's 100% fun for me to write. And oh my gosh! I just love these guys!

And yes, it will be a series. It's called The Bad Boys. There are seven books in the collection (there were six until this morning when readers begged for Ford's book. Who is Ford? Well, you have to read Biker Boots to find out).

And here's a peek at what it's all about:

Bad Boy Biker Boots

by Brynn Paulin

First, I end up at a dive bar.

Second, my date stands me up.

Third, the sorority squad from my psych class shows up. I think they’re slumming it and looking for trouble. They’re sure ogling trouble over there playing pool in his bad boy biker boots.

So when they start in on me, making fun at me for being alone and calling me a plain Jane nerd, I take matters into my very Type-A hands. Challenge accepted. I march right over to Biker Boots and throw myself into his arms. And he kisses me back!

Uh-oh. What am I going to do now?


When I’d moved here, leaving my last foster home, I’d thought I’d left behind the nerd-persona that had always made me a target. Guess not. Brad had bugged me for weeks to go out with him, and despite my blaring reservations, I’d finally said yes just to get him to shut up. He should have been here almost an hour ago. Deep down, I knew he wasn’t coming. [...]

“I wonder how long she’ll stay here, hoping he shows up,” I heard.

“Rumor is, he’s actually out with Stacey,” another girl said then giggled. “They were going over to McKenzie Point to fuck.”

“Geez, so crude,” another girl admonished, though I heard her laughing.

Speaking of fucking… Fuck this!

Turning toward the bar where my Coke sat at my elbow, I grabbed the glass and took a sip. Then I looked toward the pool table where Biker Boots was just straightening from a tough shot. Man…his ass. I bit my lip, wondering what it would feel like under my hands.

Suddenly, I wanted do something. To not be afraid to take a chance. To not be geeky, OCD Luisa. To take a chance and be daring. Taking a deep breath, I stood and glanced at the quartet of bitches who were watching me. After giving them what I hoped was a cocky smirk, I marched across the space separating me from the bar and Mr. Biker Boots. I tossed my clutch on the high stool where his leather coat was draped then continued over to him, stepping face-to-chest with him. I looked up into his startled eyes.

He quickly hid that behind a sexy grin. “Well, hello there.”

“Hi. Are you single?”

“Um, yeah?”

“Good.” My hand went behind his head—thank God for movies because I had no clue what I was doing—and pulled him down to me. He immediately took over, tugging me to his body and covering my lips with his. My legs went weak and I think I moaned. Not sure, because everything went fuzzy as his hand fisted in my hair and his other grasped my hip, yanking me closer to the hard body I’d been drooling over.

His tongue probed my lips, and on another groan, I opened for him. He tasted of the beer he’d been drinking, and suddenly, it was one of the best flavors I’d ever experienced. Crazy, since until now, beer had just seemed gross to me. But on Biker Boots, it was wonderful. Heady. Intoxicating.

His forehead leaned against mine as the kiss ended.

“Fuck,” he whispered.

“Uh-huh,” I mumbled. Wait, was that an observation or an invitation? Whatever, I agreed to both.

I opened my eyes and stared into his warm, dark, dark, dark gaze.

“Hi,” I breathed.

“Hello, Cinderella. It’s nice to meet you, too. But before you kiss me again, you should know I’m not Prince Charming.”

My tongue swept over my bottom lip, tasting him again. He groaned, and I smiled. “You kissed me.”

“I guess I did.”

“You can kiss me again…if you want to.” My teeth sank into the side of my lip. I had no damn clue what I was doing. I prayed to God, Biker Boots wouldn’t laugh at me.

He didn’t. His smile faded as his gaze burned into mine. “Let’s get out of here.”

Happy Reading!!

~~ Brynn



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