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Wait...It's Tuesday?

Just a few lines this Tuesday.

My hero's journey post for today has been rescheduled.

Let's be real: I just didn't quite have the brain-power for it today. Which is sad, because it's written. I just need to format and review it. I must say, the past week, I've been really off-schedule due to a plethora of circumstances and events. When that happens, my straight-line brain starts making side-trips to check out all the flowers. A little like ADD? Maybe. Like I said...I'm being real here. I keep a rigid schedule because when I don't...well, like I said, focus is a problem.

Today, things get back on track. I'm re-centering and re-focusing. At the moment, I'm running about 20 minutes behind schedule, but that's okay. It's close enough and a few adjustments will get me back to plan. We're not completely off the beam yet!

Today, I'll be finishing Runaway Cowgirl edits and sending it to my editor (yay!). Time willing, I'll pop into new writing on my Daly book. I have a SOOPER SEKRIT project in the works, as well, but I can't announce that until I have permission, but it's pretty exciting. I can say: it's a steamy hockey book that will definitely melt some ice.

Talk soon!




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