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March Book Recommendations

Well, it's that time of the month when I get to recommend my favorite books of the month. Some are new releases; some are not, but they're all books I loved. As of today, I’ve read 93 books since the beginning of the year.

Here are some of my favorite reads from March, in no particular order. Please note that each title has a link to Amazon:

1. Pitch His Tent by Jenika Snow and Jordan Marie

She’s my best friend’s little sister and completely off limits.

But I’m not going to stop until she’s mine.


I pushed Lexi away years ago.

I’ve regretted it every moment since, but a man can’t live in the past forever. I decided to go camping to clear my head and plan my future—a future without Lexi. Imagine my surprise when she’s already there.

Lexi knows nothing about camping, that much is clear. That’s okay, I’ll use it to my advantage.

I have a second chance and I’m not going to waste it.

First, I’ll share my sleeping bag with her and eventually I’ll teach her exactly how to… Pitch My Tent.

2. The Rancher's Nanny by Sam Crescent

Caleb Pole has sworn off women. After his completely selfish wife, who wanted nothing to do with his ranch or their daughter, divorced him, he truly believes there is no woman out there for him. But his little girl is getting older, and he can’t keep relying on his mother. There’s only one solution … a nanny.

After her fiancé left her at the alter in favor of her sister, Madeline Lennox has sworn off men and romance. The books are all lies. There is no man out there for her. Still, working at the Pole Ranch as a nanny is a dream come true. She adores the little girl, and of course, Caleb looks like one of the heroes has stepped right out of the books she loves so much.

The chemistry between her and Caleb is intense, but neither of them expect to fall in love. Nor do they expect to plan a future with both of them in the starring roles.

It’s time for Caleb to prove to Maddie—and himself—that not only does love exist, but he’s her leading man.

3. Fat by Sam Crescent

Brynn's Notes on this one: First, I know the title alone can be a trigger for some people. Please look beyond that. It's a beautiful, wonderfully done story. Second, Amazon has a note on it that the book has been reported for quality issues. At the time of my reading, if there were any issues, they seem to have been corrected. The book reads just fine. Nothing distracted me from the story.

Elsa Quinn has been bullied for being fat all her life. On the start of her new year of school, she makes a decision. She is going to lose weight. Elsa joins a gym out of town to ensure it's top secret.

Noah Stewart lives for exercise. When he wants to relax, he works out, pumps weights, and runs to clear his head. After an embarrassing scene by his crazed ex, Noah decides to exercise in a gym a town over. When he meets Elsa, it seems too good to be true. He can’t let her out of his life when he knows he can help her—even though she's already perfect to him. Striking up a deal, he'll help Elsa get in shape, and in return she will keep his new gym a secret.

Day after day, week after week, it’s hard for Noah to not see how beautiful Elsa is. He’s struggling to keep his hands to himself, and when he finally claims her, he doesn’t want to keep it a secret. Noah wants the world to know Elsa belongs to him.

What will happen when their peers find out? Will Elsa be too scared to stay with Noah? Will he let her go when he sees what his ex does to her?

Now a New York Times bestseller and from the author of The Psychopath Test a captivating and brilliant exploration of one of our world s most underappreciated forces shame It s about the terror isn't it The terror of what I said The terror of being found out For the past three years Jon Ronson has traveled the world meeting recipients of high profile public shamings The shamed are people like us people who say made a joke on social media that came out badly or made a mistake at work Once their transgression is revealed collective outrage circles with the force of a hurricane and the next thing they know they re being torn apart by an angry mob jeered at demonized sometimes even fired from their job A great renaissance of public shaming is sweeping our land Justice has been democratized The silent majority are getting a voice But what are we doing with our voice We are mercilessly finding people s faults We are defining the boundaries of normality by ruining the lives of those outside it We are using shame as a form of social control Simultaneously powerful and hilarious in the way only Jon Ronson can be So You've Been Publicly Shamed is a deeply honest book about modern life full of eye opening truths about the escalating war on human flaws and the very scary part we all play in it.

Brynn Note: Honestly, this is a hard book to read, but it reveals a dark underbelly of the internet and social media. I think everyone should read it and become aware of how easily things can go south on the web.

5. Bully No More by Sam Crescent

Brynn Note: LOL! It seems to be Sam Crescent month. What can I say? I've read a lot of good books from her lately. This one is the sequel to Fat. It's different characters and a complete stand alone story.

Fat. Cow. Chubby. Chunky. Those were just a few names Kurt had called her growing up. He was her bully, and he didn’t care. One chemistry assignment changed everything. Kim refused to give in to him, so he had no choice but to leave. Ten years later, Kim’s stubbornness gives him the chance to show her that he is no longer her bully.

Kim didn’t like asking for help, but Kurt made an offer she couldn’t refuse. She didn’t want to be the girl that fell for the man who hurt her. She was stronger than that. Kurt was not that guy anymore, and no matter how much she tried to fight the boy, this was a man.

Can two complete opposites find love? Can Kurt prove that he’s no longer a bully, and is in fact the perfect guy for her? Will Kim take that chance?

This is the story of Kim and Kurt from Fat.

6. Trucker by Jamie Schlosser


I know what you're whispering in the car as you pass me by.


When you see me walking along the side of the road with my thumb out, you'll probably keep driving without giving me a second glance. You probably think I'm foolish. Naïve.

You might assume I've made some bad decisions.

You might think I'm too young to be on my own.

You might be right.


I love my job, but driving an eighteen-wheeler comes with a certain stereotype. When you hear I’m a trucker, a specific image might come to mind. Uneducated. Dirty. Perverted. Rough around the edges and a little bit dangerous.

But the truth is, I’m not any of those things. In fact, I’m pretty far from it.

You’d be surprised to find out I’m one of the good guys.

Brynn Note: Oh. My. Gosh! I've owned this book for over a year and I just got around to reading it this month. I loved it. I immediately had to pick up the other three in the series (one is a book rec this month). I'm partway through the third book, and the series remains awesome. What an amazing find...that's been lingering in my Kindle, just waiting.

7. Dancer by Jamie Schlosser


Technically, I’m not a stripper. As a cage dancer, I don’t take all my clothes off and no one gets to touch me. I’m just the eye candy.

And I can feel their eyes on me. I know they’re watching, but I don’t do this for them.

This is my time.

My life may not have turned out the way I thought it would, but I’m not complaining. From 9pm to 1am several days a week I get paid to feel sexy, to feel desired, to do what I love.

I always knew I wanted to be a dancer—I just didn’t realize I’d be doing it in a cage.


Erectile dysfunction—two words that can cause a collective cringe from men everywhere. The doctors can call it ‘performance anxiety’ all they want, but that’s just a fancy way of saying my dick doesn’t work.

Just when I start to think there’s no hope for me, I see her. She’s gorgeous, sexy, and goofy as f*ck. She also looks really familiar but I can’t put my finger on it.

When I find out who she really is, my world is turned upside down and everything seems to fall into place.

She’s not gonna make it easy for me, but I’ve never been one to back down from a challenge. She’s convinced I won’t stick around.

I’ll prove her wrong.

I’ll show her I’m one of the good guys.


~~ Brynn



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