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The Daily Joe, August 20

Hey there! I hope you're having a great Tuesday! I am having a great Tuesday. I've gotten a ton done, I had a book release, and I'm feeling like life is clicking along.

But PLEASE do not compare yourself to me. You want to kill your joy? Start comparing yourself to other people. But she hit the bestseller list in three hours? But that author can write 10,000 words every day? But she's so organized, smart, pretty, successful, lucky, etc. etc. etc.

The list could go on and on and on.

But comparing yourself to others and measuring yourself against them just makes you sad or bitter. Or spiteful and superior and smug if you're on the higher end. None of those things are healthy. If you get into that cycle it can be never-ending and exhausting.

We're all on our own path. And there are many things in life you can't control. So first, look within. The only one you should compare yourself to is yesterday's self. Are you better than yesterday? Last year? What can you do to improve or maintain? Name all the ways you are killing it at life. Did you get out of bed this morning? Gold star. That might seem easy but I always look for an early success that will domino into all the others. Truthfully, I'm not beyond putting an item I just completed on my to-do list for the day so I have something checked off. Like: Make to-do list. Done! Yeah!

Second, and I cannot say this enough, always be grateful. Everyday, I write down ten things I'm grateful for. I have hundreds of things to be grateful for, but it never fails; I whip out eight then the other two I really need to think about. No matter. The point is, I can appreciate life and where I'm at in life because I recognize what I have. Believe it or not, that really helps to shut down the comparison train.

Third, remember, that Facebook or Instagram or Pinterest life you see...? Or maybe that success? That's just a single bit of the journey. You never know what's going on in the background of that person's life. Maybe they were driven to this success/condition because it's the only good thing in their life. Maybe they've been working eighteen hour days to get here. Maybe they have a three-hour beauty routine to look this way. Maybe they studied for six years straight and had no social life so they'd get here. Or maybe they were just lucky and won't be lucky enough to repeat. Who knows?

And fourth, give yourself your own personal goals and focus on them. Not "their" goals. Not what someone else is doing, but what you're going to do. Life is so much sweeter when you've attained what you set out to do. Or even while you're working toward it. Enjoy the journey just like you will enjoy the destination. Some journeys take a while. You don't want to waste all the time when you could be joyful.

Comparison is an anchor that will hold you back. Cut the line.

Today, August 20, 2019

Well, I released Tuesday Afternoons today. I uploaded it everywhere this morning and appropriately enough, it released...Tuesday Afternoon.

I'm continuing work on my collab project with Dakota Rebel and trying my very best to get in more words on Beach Please, my next release.

Don't forget to follow me over on Book + Main for a chance to win a $10 gift card next week.

Have a great evening!




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