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Daily Joe: After Z

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Now where were we...? That's right. On Thursday, I was talking about my October work. If you missed that blog, you can read all about Enforcer HERE. I took a break from October work to do my Room Fifteen cover reveal on Friday. You can find that HERE.

So today...

First of all, I need to take a second and acknowledge: WELCOME TO SPOOKY MONTH!! Have you started decorating? Do you decorate? I have to admit, most years, I'm a mid-level decorator. I don't go all out, but I do decorate. There's an exceptional chance I'll dress up for Halloween, too. Just for the heck of it. Usually we get about 4 trick-or-treaters. But that won't stop me. I'll probably dress up and watch Hocus Pocus and The Mummy as usual.

I will also have a book out on Halloween day. But more about that later this week.


Today is about Zombies. Yep. Z.O.M.B.I.E.S.

But why, Brynn?!?!?!? Zombies are scary and gross.

Um... It is October. Spooky Month and Scary Season. And for that reason, I present to you:

After Z

First, what it's about:


The whole zombie apocalypse was a big joke for a long time. Take this quiz and find out which of your friends will survive the zombie apocalypse. Or on an old T-shirt: I run so slow I'll be the first to go in the zombie apocalypse. Or all the video games...and the movies...and that TV show we all binge watched with our eyes half-covered because of the gore.


It's all fun and games and mainstream entertainment until your boyfriend tries to eat you—and not in a remotely sexy way, so get your head out of the gutter.

Now we're living in the After and trying to survive. I'm trying to evade the Z's and find my sister. Then this guy comes along. Not only does he rescue me from certain death, but somehow, he makes me feel safe. Safe enough to forget it's the After. And that's not a good thing at all.

After Z takes place a few years after the fall of civilization. Something happened to start the zombie apocalypse (look, I can't tell you WHAT -- even though I know, of course) and things went south fast. People are scrabbling to survive. And that's where we find Lucie, hiding out under a restaurant table and trying really hard not to become fast food because she'd tried to scavenge at the wrong place at the wrong time. Shortly after, Calder the wonder-geek steps in to save her. You think it's the strongest who survive? In this world, it's the smartest. Mostly.

After Z is not up for preorder yet on most vendors (though, if you're a Barnes and Noble Nook reader, you will find it up over there for October 20)

Tomorrow, I'll be talking about monsters--different monsters from zombies. That's pretty much what October will entail for me. Monsters, zombies, more monsters...

Before I go... Make sure you check out Bree Weeks and Kyra Nyx's Not the Good Guy series book that's out today. You can find Of Wicked Things HERE!

Today, October 4, 2021

I am working on finishing up Enforcer. It's coming out on October 11. I'm telling you, Katiya is keeping Yuri on his toes. Want to preorder? You can find it HERE.

It's also a fairly nice day, so I'm hoping to get out there and take my dog for a walk. We may be dodging a few raindrops but I'm down for it. Let's hear it for autumn!

Finally, it's Monday, so I'll be doing my weekly tracking and I'll be loading some books to Kobo, iBooks and Barnes and Noble that have recently come off Kindle Unlimited.

That's about it for today! Talk Soon!

~~ Brynn



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