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The Daily Joe, July 13

Welcome to the Daily Joe WEEKEND edition.

How was your week? Mine was pretty amazing. I was listening to a podcast recently. It was Rachel Hollis interviewing Ed Mylett on her RISE Podcast. One of the many things in it that resonated with me was that you need to celebrate victories. Now. Not when you've reached your goal. Celebrate your successes on the journey. Enjoy the moment.

I think this is part of having a gratitude attitude. If you're not grateful where you're at, you won't be grateful when you get to where you're going. I am so grateful for each of you. I am so grateful for all the readers who will never see this post, too. I'm not just saying that. You have no idea how much each of you impact my life and make every minute at my computer worthwhile.

This has been a pretty amazing week. I'm just going to bullet on through some of the highlights.

  • I did a great LIVE on Facebook this week with Dakota Rebel. We had some technical difficulties, but we managed to pull it off.

  • During that LIVE, we announced we are doing a joint project together. I can't be more excited to be writing this book with Dakota. We've worked together for about ten years but never written together. As of Monday, we didn't have an official title.

  • On Tuesday, we decided on a final title, got our final cover and we did a cover reveal. It's so pretty! I posted a copy of it in Thursday's Daily Joe. We landed on the title The Billionaire's Christmas Cruise.

  • On Tuesday, I also had Pixie Chica as a guest on the blog. Haven'y seen her interview? Check it out HERE. This is an author you want to get to know.

  • On Wednesday, Reclaiming Love went up for pre-order. It's available HERE.

  • Thursday, nothing earth moving, but I did post about Jason Momoa and the ridiculousness of the people who've tried to body shame him for having a "dad bod". Overall, people seemed to agree with me on my assessment. Jason Momoa = HOT.

  • And I officially started this feature on my blog, Brynn's Daily Joe.

  • Friday, The Billionaire's Christmas Cruise went up for pre-order, too. It's available HERE.

  • That's not even mentioning the thousands of words I typed this week.

It was a good week.

This weekend, I'm planning to be mostly in my office, typing away on the three projects I'm completing. Sunday, I'll take a little downtime but it'll mostly be fingers on keyboard for the late afternoon and evening. I have big goals for July and that means a big amount of time writing. But I love it, so it's awesome.

I hope all of you have a fantastic weekend. Embrace gratitude and celebrate your successes, now while they're fresh in your mind. You're awesome and powerful. Never forget it.

Love ya!




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